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Mediport Story Arc funny bug


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Captain Castillo started his spiel as he normally does at the end of the Mediport story arc, he conned blue and faded away, and another Castillo at half health came out.


However, I noticed that the old Castillo was still there, though his body had disappeared and he was now a floating gun ally. He started attacking himself until we killed him(the new Castillo), and then the titan came out and finished the old Castillo off. I took a screencap, and though I had clicked on him so that you could see him better with the UI and all, I didn't know screencaps removed the UI, so I have put a helpful red square box around the floating gun.


I believe that while this is funny as hell, it is unintended.


EDIT - came back to double check a few things and found that i had posted this in the wrong area, can somebody move this? i meant to post it in bug reports.




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