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Everlasting SG Base-building Contest! END: 11/16/19

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Hello Everlasting Server!


One of the most amazing aspects of this game is the SG-base building design. Chaos United AND Vanguard League are co-hosting a SG base-building contest. From today till November 16th, feel free to use your craftiest, creative minds to build a SG base! The theme for the SG base is simple: Super-powered theme. Build your base and explain why it is a base worthy of a super-powered individual or super-powered group!


The following SG bases will not be considered for judging of this contest, primarily because of familiarity, and we're looking more for bases built post-today's date, specifically for this contest in mind (if anyone ever wants to check the bases below out, they are definitely the best bases in the game!):

Jokers Wild


Sage's Base in Space


Here's the guidelines of the SG base contest!


1-Between 10/12/2019 and 11/16/2019, 1) Please register your SG base in this forum. 2) Send the base passcode and SG-base description to @CU Krow on the Everlasting server. Deadline is 11:59 pm EST on 11/16/2019.

2-One SG base entry per team/individual.

3- SG base judging will comprise of four judges (two from each SG). Winners will be announced on 11/17/2019 in this thread.



1ST PRIZE- 2,000,000,000 Inf (and a purple IO set of THEIR choice))

2ND PRIZE-1,000,000,000 Inf

3rd PRIZE- 500,000,000 inf.

...and some runner-up prizes will be given out as well!


Best of luck, SG base builders!

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I am an old school builder with old school floor plans, but I'd be happy to throw my Everlasting base into the contest:


Firemullet Groupies: FM-5401

Contact - @Heraclea


TB ~ Amazon Army: AMAZON-963 | TB ~ Crowned Heads: CH-10012 | EX ~ The Holy Office: HOLY-1610 | EV ~ Firemullet Groupies: FM-5401 | IN ~ Sparta: SPARTA-3759 | RE ~ S.P.Q.R. - SPQR-5010

Spread My Legions - #207 | Lawyers of Ghastly Horror - #581 | Jerk Hackers! - #16299 | Ecloga Prima - #25362 | Deth Kick Champions! - #25818 | Heaven and Hell - #26231 | The Legion of Super Skulls - #27660 | Cathedral of Mild Discomfort - #38872 | The Birch Conspiracy! - #39291

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The Revelatory Prestige Academy of the Etoile Islands

Everlasting Server (naturally)


      This is a school for young adults and youth in the Rogue Isles who want to pursue self-motivated learning opportunities.  The faculty and staff are cherry-picked to ensure that they understand the price for intentionally undermining or manipulating the students.  The Academy caters to exclusivity; with the ultra-wealthy or influential being the only ones permitted to be the benefactors of the enrolled students.  And Arachnos, of course, since who would dare oppose the magnanimous Lord Recluse or his Arbiters?

      Located in St. Martial, the Academy has ample parking (at least ample by the standards of the Etoile Isles), an intimate setting for small-sized classrooms of various types, an extensive library containing both technological and magical resources, and nearby student residence facilities.  There are also some on-site guard barracks, since a Prestigious school such as this needs to ensure the safety of students from threats both external and internal.  The base plot also includes a little slice of street-level life in a simulated St. Martial.

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I'd like to register The Diamond League.  


They survived the apocolypse due to their superior defense, devastating attacks against the alien dead.  They salvage the land and claim Diamond City as their home. As they tunnel underground for added protection against the next dead alien invasion, survivors discover diamond ore mines---fitting for those who survived under intense pressure.  Member Requirements: Maintain at least on Post Apocolyptic costume.

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I would like to register a pet project of mine


The Grove


The grove is a mystical demiplane of immense potential. Its origins are mysterious, and several ruins suggest ancient activity by various entities that have occupied the plane. Currently occupied by a small number of pact offering fey, the Grove remains a secluded nexus of natural power.


Code: GROVE-7987


Cooler Macro: 


/macroimage NatureAffinity_WildBastion "Gem of the Grove" "enterbasefrompasscode GROVE-7987$$em alakazamreact"

Contact: @ma1function

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Id like the register as well:

Vanguard Halo

The Halo's Station in orbit is a hi-tech defense structure built into the side of an impervium asteroid. There is also a specialized teleport to a small beachhead in Praetoria.

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12 more days to go!


We're getting quite a turn-out. :} Pretty awesome!


When registering your base, please don't forget the following:

1) SG base code

2) SG base description

3) Global handle.


Some of you have been posting those here on the server, which is absolutely ok, but if you choose not to, feel free to send those to global @CU Krow on the Everlasting server. Looking forward to seeing some of these really cool bases!

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Base Name: Freak Town
Base Code: FREAKTOWN-10241
Global Handle: @Owl

Rumor has it, a group of Freakshow goons took over a blocked off industrial section of Boomtown and turned it into a ridiculous hub of drug-fueled partying. Its main attraction, "Freak Town," used to be a chemical warehouse. That is, until the Freakshow associate known as "Gas Kid" helped the Freaks turn it into a veritable chem mecca. The club has everything that a villainous psychonaut could ever want: Superadine, Excelsior, and Rage are on tap for any paying customers to indulge upon to their hearts desire. Chemical concoctions of all types are available at the various chem-bars throughout the club, including many addictive ones that keep the customers coming to dance night after chaotic night. Just stay away from the Freaks' chemical megamachine in the back - the fumes are NOT free, and the bouncer may throw you out if they catch you back there sucking in steam. An indoor and outdoor stage blare out a cacophony of Industrial music at all hours, and host any performers who are fine with entertaining drug-addled criminals. Frights, bright lights, and long nights are in store for any customers looking for a good, and weird, time. Mohawks are not required, but they are promoted.

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7 more days till SG Base Building contest ends! Deadline is 11:59 pm EST on 11/16/2019.


We have an excellent outcome thus far! Depending how things go, we **may** change the winners announcements for 11/18/2019  in case we need the extra day. Deadline will not change though!

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I'll happily throw in the Oasis into the ring.



I can write up a bio about it or something as you'd like. Or I'd happily give a tour.  Just let @Deep Six aka Tigris know!

Description: The Oasis was a small place with a lovely pool, but after some recent developments, they have decided to go public as a Resort, just off the coast of Peregrine Island, reachable by boat.  The Oasis has a clinic for the local residents to help them recover from stray Rikti attacks, while the rest of the island is dedicated to the Oasis Resort.  There you will find lodging for the heroes who make it home, the Dulcet lounge if you need to get your dance or karaoke on.  There is a gym, the Eye of the Tigris, complete with sauna.  And, the star attraction, the pool, which has recently undergone massive enhancements (2 additional hot tubs, a healing pool using stolen oranbegan crystals, and more!).  There is also a Barservatory (TM) that we call Ghast that overlooks the falls, and sits above the pool itself.

But all of this is actually a cover for the group's hero operations, which is housed under the resort, accessible via a secret elevator hidden in the rock wall behind the DJ booth.  The group uses an active lava flow to tap into geothermal energy, which in turn they sell back to the city for a revenue.  But, they also have an extensive R&D area, with a sealed off section for dangerous tech.  A miniaturized version of the Terra Volta reactor, and a "Dangerous" room, that they supply with Mecha, and Hard-light holograms.  

The whole place is still under construction, but hopes to be completed soon!

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Base Name: Antech
Base Code: MARSBASE-3909
Global Handle: @Knight of Iron Star


Description: As one Creys major competitors, Antech has always been on the forefront of innovation & technological advancement. One such achievement is the Antech Mars Colony situated on the Elysium Planaetia. Explore the Albor Thule Branch under direct supervision from security & staff through Antechs 'public' visitation program. Tours & visits can be booked at our company sit. Entry can also be found at your local Vanguard Base for anyone affiliated with the group via our private teleportation network. Antech: Tomorrows innovations today. (I've actually done alot of research for this, everything is set at a real world location on Mars down to the exact region & has been done with a mix of realism & Scifi in mind, please enjoy.)

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3 days until the DEADLINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If anyone else is still interested in the contest, please submit the information in the guidelines section of the top post! Please keep in mind, any submissions AFTER the deadline date and time WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. We gave this contest a month's notice and aim to be punctual with scoring and prizes as well.

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