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Everlasting SG Base-building Contest! END: 11/16/19

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Base Name: Acanthi

Code: SWAMP-9126

Global handle: @Aeolius


Description: A sentient swamp, in which nearly all organisms -- be they plant, fish, bug, mammal, or microbe -- share a common overmind. Viewed from without, it may resemble an ordinary biome, but nevertheless remains one capable of organizing itself in uncommon ways. This swamp is the child of a Fae queen, and serves as the seat of her court. Lying just north of Croatoa, wards confound most efforts to find or even travel through this mysterious region. Many creatures aligned with Balance have begun to congregate here, to join in the life of the court and grow into a force capable of beating back threats to Nature, and indeed in some cases all life. (Also they're not above playing their Fae games in the occasional bank, where humans are shown to be particularly sore sorts of losers.)


Landmarks include the ring paths; the spring garden; the igneous monolith, where the Salamander Queen holds court (and adjourns to her bedchambers via magma vortex); the redeemed tree; the ley vent vault. Also I think I heard there's a bar somewhere


Misc note: recommend cel shading off; the edge detection is a blunt tool and the foggy areas wind up looking like an arboreal line drawing (which, to be fair, isn't bad per se)

Edited by Aeolius
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Bamboo Kat's Arena (Crey Super Sporting League)


by @Charlie


Welcome to the high stakes world of SUPERPOWERED sports (brought to you by Crey Industries!) Thanks to generous sponsorship by the Bamboo Kat's corporation, Paragon City's very own super sporting stadium has been completed and is open to the public. Crey assures all participants and fans that super sports are totally safe and no superhumans are in danger of being harmed during these events. The medical area next to the 'elimination zone' is just a precaution.


This base is a stadium for super sports -- the aim of the game is to knock your opponents off the platform sumo wrestling style. Crey hopes to make this sport their next multi-billion dollar industry. There are in-base teleporters to both the 'elimination zone' as well as a private box to watch from.


Please turn World Detail to max for no popping in!

Edited by @Charlie
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On the off chance it qualifies: Carma Island (KARMA-508), by @Dropout.


Once a lonely abbey sitting on a rock in the Atlantic, the island became a haven for pirates sailing between the Caribbean and the Rogue Isles, paying the monks hefty "indulgences" to forgive their plunder in the eyes of the almighty (and keep it safe). By the Golden Age of Pirates, the island's thin morals and thick bribes had grown it into a port town; understood as a neutral place where rich outlaws could carouse in safety and retire in peace. Today it's regarded as a Switzerland of the Americas, where supervillains meet to resolve very sensitive business -- but mostly to be old, rich and cranky somewhere no-one will bother them. It's currently open to outsiders to commemorate the 450th birthday of the original abbey.


The base had around 11000 items when this contest was announced and has around 13000 now. /Visscale 4 or higher is highly recommended!

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Thank you all!! Some wonderful entries and an amazing attention to theme and detail!


Submissions for the 2019 Contest are now CLOSED.


Over the next few days the judges will be dropping by for a look. We'll see you on Wednesday at 7:30pm in Kallisti Wharf, and very good luck to you all!



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Currently the list of registrants is a s follows:


Freak Town @owl
Vanguard Halo  
The Grove  
The Revelatory Prestige Academy of the Etoile Islands @VileTerror
Everlasting Server @shard Warrior
Firemullet Groupies @Heraclea
The Diamond League  
Imperial Resurgence @Dark Drow
The Freelancers @Repunzel
The Oasis @Deep Six
The Arctic Wolfpack @Azorian
Antech @Knight of Iron Star
Acanthi @aeolius
Global Defense Force @Starforge
Crey Super Sporting League Incrediman
Carma Island @Dropout
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On 11/9/2019 at 12:12 AM, humanowl said:

Base Name: Freak Town
Base Code: FREAKTOWN-10241
Global Handle: @Owl

Rumor has it, a group of Freakshow goons took over a blocked off industrial section of Boomtown and turned it into a ridiculous hub of drug-fueled partying. Its main attraction, "Freak Town," used to be a chemical warehouse. That is, until the Freakshow associate known as "Gas Kid" helped the Freaks turn it into a veritable chem mecca. The club has everything that a villainous psychonaut could ever want: Superadine, Excelsior, and Rage are on tap for any paying customers to indulge upon to their hearts desire. Chemical concoctions of all types are available at the various chem-bars throughout the club, including many addictive ones that keep the customers coming to dance night after chaotic night. Just stay away from the Freaks' chemical megamachine in the back - the fumes are NOT free, and the bouncer may throw you out if they catch you back there sucking in steam. An indoor and outdoor stage blare out a cacophony of Industrial music at all hours, and host any performers who are fine with entertaining drug-addled criminals. Frights, bright lights, and long nights are in store for any customers looking for a good, and weird, time. Mohawks are not required, but they are promoted.

I stopped by here and really enjoyed the visit.  Beautiful work! 😁  Love the theme of it.

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I could seriously tour bases all day, so it was great to meet some LIKE-MINDED INDIVIDUALS. Thank-you for hosting this contest and thank you for putting yourselves out there! Everyone's a winner in my book, if you don't believe me, check your in-game mail.

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Congratulations to everyone who entered! It was an amazing set of bases, and a really tough set of choices deciding the prize winners.


Special Congratulations to:


Judges Awards: Krow: Antech

Judges Awards: Ferrera: Freaktown

Judges Awards: BluShield: Acanthi

Each Judge awards a special selection prize worth 100,000,000 inf

Our prize winners for the 2019 Base Building contest are:

Third Place Winner for a prize of 500,000,000 inf: The Oasis!

Second Place Winner for a prize of 1,000,000,000 is The Global Defense Force!

First Place Winner for a prize of 2,000,000,000 is Carma Island!

It was a wonderful, fun contest and I strongly encourage everyone to visit the bases that entered!

Thanks and hopefully we can do this again next year!


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