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Minor Bug Involving Call Contact + Costume (K)


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Brief Summary:

The "Call" button for a particular contact stops working when opening the Costume window at the same time. Zoning and calling/talking to another contact seems to resolve this.


More detailed version/ re-enactment:

1) Open Contacts, call one. I tested this with the Shauna Braun, Mako, and BS, and it happened consistently.

2) Open Costume (K). I have it bound, but the bug seemed to happen regardless if I pressed a key or opened it through the menu.

3) Close Costume window and attempt to call contact.

4) Zone/call or talk to contact or other contact to fix.

5) Re-call and - hooray! - it works.

6) I tried to see if this bug happened with other windows like Options, Arena, Personal Info, etc. But none did, and most likely because none dismiss the Contact window like Costume (K) does.


Anyways, not exactly game breaking or anything of the sort, and it's easy to solve in-game. Just thought it was a neat accidental find. Attached are a sequence of screenshots demonstrating the steps mentioned above - not really necessary but added for the great joy that is redundancy. Also I get to show my costumes. 😄






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