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Hot damn, y'all have been busy. Nicely done! 


Xeaon will have your site updated SOON! In the meantime, feel free to post here so your name can be hoisted into the firmament for all time.. time.. time.... (until the next batch of badges come out). 


Reminder: 15 new badges.


  • 1 exploration


Badge_tourist_01.png.98471da62a255e5dadb6128b60bffd8a.png On the Shoulders of Giants - Located in Kallisti Wharf



 Atop the shoulders of Stateman's statue, loc: 4286.0 147.8 2720.7


  • 7 defeats

defeats_jaegers.png.b468a68b9f3033aa059f4eeff6c749db.png Brass Hunter - Defeat 1000 Nemesis Jaegers



There's a mission which I do not recall. It's the one where you end up at Nemesis' nest, right?




[09:37] [Torchbearer Badges]DeathMcKillenstein: yeah that one sucked.  But Pandora's box ch 5, first mission has got a lot of them at -1x8 

[09:38] [Torchbearer Badges]Canucker: the last mission of that arc is even better for jaegers

[09:38] [Torchbearer Badges]Canucker: one open map with like 400 of em in a single run
[09:38] [Torchbearer Badges]Canucker: they are macht jaegers, but they count

 [09:39] [Torchbearer Badges]DeathMcKillenstein: you mean the mission around AP city hall?
[09:39] [Torchbearer Badges]Canucker: i ran that arc, 1.25 times and got both badges
[09:39] [Torchbearer Badges]Canucker: no the one with the giant monster warhulk at the end
[09:39] [Torchbearer Badges]DeathMcKillenstein: ahh
[09:40] [Torchbearer Badges]DeathMcKillenstein: well, the first mission has a crapload as well
[09:40] [Torchbearer Badges]DeathMcKillenstein: and you don't have to play through the whole arc to do it
[09:41] [Torchbearer Badges]Canucker: i found it easier to just run the arc, instead of back and forth from contact to posi and back etc


... thanks guys!


I wanted to hop around freely 'outside', perhaps to pretend this is not 2020, so Peregrine Island Jaegers were slaughtered in the hundreds on the right side of the island, next to the docks, closest to the Vanguard building. 


Along the way, I easily completed Warhulks in between Jaeger mobs and 1/4 of my progress bar on Sappers. 



1699805077_defeats_warhulkscopy.png.ec957595d983620fc607d827103b0b20.png Green Machine - Defeat 100 Nemesis Warhulks


1636862581_defeats_natterlingscopy.png.905995d5b8e4ce0dab509c09effb5638.png Winged Nuisance - Defeat 500 Rularuu Natterlings of any rank



Everyone has a favorite area. I just picked the first spot I found: ported to Firebase Zulu, stared at the named portals and ran forward to the unnamed one which took me deeper into the same zone, towards Tempest Sector. That first jump lands you on a couple of nice large Natterling mobs. 


The next rock, Point Alpha, has a motherload of Natterling mobs.



 519787418_defeats_brutescopy.png.b1fb51e7aa983a8faa19bc38ec4c6235.png Brute Forced - Defeat 500 points worth of Rularuu Brutes

                          - Bosses are worth 5 points, all others are worth 1, like the Praetoria and Dark Astoria defeat badges



So, here I am back at Firebase Zulu... picking random door to the right - labeled "Chantry". If you're wondering if it was truly a random pick, yes. I am super duper lazy. 


There are brute mobs at both of those large floating islands at Bastion of Pain.  The second island has a lake of red kool-aid. DO NOT DRINK IT. Thnx.



432351809_defeats_sapperscopy.png.f11d15e7950085195edd2a173d3e4198.png Running on Empty - Defeat 200 Malta Sappers



Peregrine Island safeguard mission. x8 crowd size setting. -1 strength because I'm a tiny bubbler with a badly hurt shoulder. If you judge me, I will lick your eyeball. 



1474809920_defeats_bobo_protectorscopy.png.f564d2d3c4190e3ffc45cfef6838f46f.png Womp Womp - Defeat 100 Immature Paragon Protectors


defeats_superstunners.png.33fcfde73de039f24a6d875e076b6c20.png Assault and Battery - Defeat 50 Freakshow Super Stunners



Yes, there are Freakshow in one of the new badge arcs (The Graveyard Shift). But I am a wild and free gazelle. 


Ran around Crey's Follies using my targeting macro /macro Find target_name Super Don't use "Stunner" because there's also a "Stunner Chief" (which does not count).


Area 1:  Portal Industries / The Circus / Carnival Town neighborhoods (clustered)

Area 2:  Crey Factories neighborhood




excellent point from Makerian 11/29/2020 " ... the Market Crash is the WST starting tomorrow and that's a great place for Super Stunners :)" Thanx Mak!!!!



  • Some mission stuff I haven't attended to yet. Sound good? 


V_badge_PvpMissionBadge.png.4a53769079914ce26f424f41cbc1792c.png Behind Enemy Lines - Complete at least one door mission in Bloody Bay, Siren's Call and Warburg (one mission per zone).  Villains may access from "Free Fire Zone Transport" helicopters on zone map. Heroes may visit respective zone gates.





1127616041_SL4_Watkins_ArcCompletecopy.png.0dc9f735907b34e99195c5e30e9a68e4.png The Uncivil War - Complete Agent Watkins' arc (3 bonus badges below), Hero-side story arc (level 25-29) named: The Graveyard Shift (available thru Ouroboros)



1659406812_SL4_Watkins_Containmentcopy.png.ad5cc6a29dd16e67a6881728684f4f7f.png Containment Specialist - Earned in Agent Watkins' arc (Spoilers in the box below)


  • Turn off the sprinklers before the timer runs out during The Graveyard Shift 



1284052450_SL4_Watkins_Defycopy.png.41a507e58ec9201e1b00b748a9d0dc9a.png Went Off Script - Earned in Agent Watkins' arc (Spoilers in the box below)


  • Refuse to quarantine during The Graveyard Shift story arc (mission owner only)



454208230_SL4_Watkins_Quarantinecopy.png.1e2e33b6fc456c6acee10810494023db.png The Greater Good - Earned in Agent Watkins' arc (Spoilers in the box below)


  • Quarantine during The Graveyard Shift story arc (mission owner only)




1774994320_SL6_Buzzsaw_ArcCompletecopy.png.5aa767b8e77cd4614f0a0328a16e22b9.png Patient Zero - Complete Doc Buzzsaw's arc (1 bonus badge below) Villain-side story arc (level 35-39) named: The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok (available thru Ouroboros)



305632434_SL6_TStarcopy.png.f3434a36c506af7fdf8aabe5c84a0094.png Tarnished Star - Earned in Doc Buzzsaw's arc (Spoilers in the box below)


  • Fill every jail cell in The Zig during your life as a hero, before becoming a villain and releasing Bile during "The Freakish Lab of Dr. Vahzilok" story arc


But what does this mean exactly???? It means we will visit the official Badge subforum (nestled between Basebuilding and Roleplaying) and look for a thread entitled:

Tarnished Star Badge Requirements

By Glacier Peak


Side note: I noticed that the number one arc everyone is missing is "The Freaklympics" Hero-side (level 25-29). I think because it doesn't carry a badge of it's own; it was overlooked because of the sheer amount of content available. Check Ouros and run this arc.




Side note: I solo'd four of the defeats over 2 late evenings. Not bad. Pretty quick work. I forget how much I enjoy tune out farming between the team-oriented stuff. 

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On 12/3/2020 at 10:40 AM, Squints said:

Can you update my position I has 1547 with the website



at some point I will enhance further more... and will display in date of last updated inside the sub-group or ppl with same number of bagdes


this will create an issue because ppl will update many times just to be on top, hehey, but at some point I assume they will give up and leave it be


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Your mama don't badge and your daddy don't rick 'n roll
Your mama don't badge and your daddy don't rick 'n roll
When evening rolls around and it's time to go to town, where do you go?
To rick 'n roll





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In memory of our fellow hero and badger, Tetujin @Justaris, who has slipped the surly bonds of earth:


With much love, our manual leaderboard's original post is dimmed, save his name, in observance of his passing.  For one week, from Saturday Dec 12th thru Saturday December 19th, only one star may be observed in the night sky as he travels furthest north and beyond.


His teammates are providing an in-game memorial today, Saturday, December 12th. More information here: https://tinyurl.com/InMemoryJustaris


There will be an in-game memorial held on Saturday, December 12, in Ouroboros on Torchbearer. A number of us who knew him are planning to gather at the traditional Weekend Knights start time of 22:00 GMT (2PM Pacific, 4PM Central, 5PM Eastern). The memorial will remain up for a while afterward for anyone who wants to stop by and pay respects.


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The memorial for Justaris was really nice. Incredibly sweet. I like how they thoughtfully arranged the NPC's in tribute. It looked so formal but not final, it truly felt like a torch pass to one another. Much love to all. 


Also, wow. Much love, scoobey gang. We got a tttttttton of pvp arena badges early this morning and late this evening. Many thanks to all who came to assist and congratulations to all who badged! 



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On 1/4/2020 at 11:16 PM, Spider said:

Arena badges (requiring teams): Saturday, January 11th @ noon Central / 1 pm Eastern  < this was our 2019 notes but check out the nifty 2020 notes below in yellow





Pentad Victor 

  • Win a rated or unrated Pentad or Septad match in the Arena
  • Minimum 10 players  Dec 12. 2020 (new minimum is 2 players) Something changed with this requirement. The morning group we hosted waned so I set with 9, hit start out of curiosity, and they still badged. Experimented later that night after the 2nd pvp group and got someone's non-badge alt the Pentad badge - with just the 2 of us. Using the same settings below, I invited them as person 1 on red team, we went in, and they badged. This, however, did not work for the 3 man / survivalist badge or the 8 man / Swiss Draw. You still need 3 and 8 for that.
  • Misc: Custom Pentads negate the need for specific ATs
  • Post event info for future:
    • Image below for correct settings.  
    • The first match was incorrectly set. Original participants had to zone to SG base and then back to Pocket D for invite to go through.
    • Badge awarded to entire winning team.
    • Also, if Arena window incorrectly shows 6 vrs 4 then you can select "Freeform Teams" to adjust # of red and # of blue (2 teams of 5) and then return setting to "Custom Pentad" before beginning match. 
    • Coliseum is a nice map for this! No hunting around! Cage would have maybe felt crowded. (unless you are doing the 2 man version and then Cage is just fine, it's about immediately seeing the other body to confirm all are on map - and yes, the named icons also appear on mission map)
    • Although it is true that Custom Pentad does not require specific ATs, the arena window will sometimes not allow for some players to be moved between teams once invited (sometimes it did, for one person it would not). Just stick with Custom and run it one more time for anyone stuck on the wrong team too many times.
    • For me, the  match needed "start" to be clicked twice. 


Arena Custom Pentad.jpg


Tournament Victor 

  • Win a rated or unrated Swiss Draw match in the Arena
  • Minimum 8 players 
  • Misc: bug ensures badge is only awarded to winner from 2nd or 3rd slot
  • Post event info for future:
    • Image below for correct settings.  
    • Cage Match is preferred. There are 3 rounds x 8 winners (minimum).... it's easier to immediately find the other person who has been dropped in a round with you.
    • Because multiple full teams were running, I had my group move to a corner of PD so we could see each other popping in and out of round 2 and 3.
    • Each winner was pre-selected and invited to slot 2 (3 can also badge but there can be only one winner). 
    • To save time, once inside our rounds, everyone but badger would exit map (Nav bar, score button, exit).
    • To ensure badge, winner would participate in final round. 


Arena Swiss Draw.jpg


Arena Survivalist 

  • Win a rated or unrated Battle Royale match in the Arena
  • Minimum 3 players 
  • Post event info for future:
    • I was finishing the Swiss Draws for team 3 when Battle Royales were running... but, my understanding is that the setting is almost the same as Swiss Draw (use Single Match instead of Swiss Draw.... and 3 players instead of 8). Only one can badge. For us, it was easier to have 3 help another than have teams of 8 wait one badger at a time.




Pocket D battle terminals. 




Top of the hour and start the first match within 15 minutes. Time will not be adjusted. Please do not be late. If you cannot make this time, please coordinate with others who play your hours. 


Place all participants in League (if 8 or under, do not use Team, must be League) in advance of the group badges. It makes it easier to continue chat conversation / instruction with the group as we are in and out of Arena. Especially if this is not just SG or just channel but a variety of individuals who need a common channel for the moment.  When I used Team, Arena just booted us off that. 




For weight class badges, lanistas, etc (Dec 12 2020 update: or Pentad). ... everyone can grab a partner afterwards. Those badges, I can also help with easily on weekends as it's just a two man operation. 

 I updated this post because of the changes in Pentad. Changes in yellow. It is 6:47 am Sunday - why am I awake? Oh, yes. Cats. They are awful and want food right meow and not 8 am

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There were five kingdoms by the sea. i. House of Role Plays & Theatre, ii. House of Minimus Maximus and the Speed Runs, iii. House of The Badgers, iv. House of Casual Leisure (pronounced 'leh zure'), and v. House of the Trohl. 


I admit, I am bored. Seriously considering a new alt which I will NOT badge. See you soon my little badge whackadoos. 

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