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New story alignment story arcs and the AE

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So i ran the new vigilantly and rogue story arcs, and i'm wondering how much of what was done in those can be done with AE story arcs? The extra clickies i image can be done but what about different endings, and clickies changing dialog and stuff like that?


Also some other things i would curious about: Can we have one map be the first part of the mission and then while on that map transition to a new map? Or is it one map per mission?


I have never made any missions with the AE, just played around a lil today. I did however do a few back in star trek online, which was considerably different.

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Unfortunately linking maps and branching storylines are not available in AE. You can workaround a little by using mission exit pop-ups to say the player proceeds further into a base or something like that. Otherwise, just be sure to let the GMs know you'd love to see more content and updates available for use in AE!

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