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My turn to need a bit of help. I've got a weird problem. I've not been able to take screenshots in-game for about three days now. It was all working fine, and then all of a sudden, pressing the PrintScreen key on my keyboard doesn't do anything anymore! Help! Any ideas what might be going on?

I'm out.
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Good thing to check, but that wasn't it. However, I just discovered that it DOES actually work, sorta. It puts the screenshot in my clipboard like any other program now, instead of saving it in a file in my screenshots directory. Any ideas, anyone about what might have caused the behavior to change?

I'm out.
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Looking through my Windows 10 (latest update, as far as I know) settings, under Settings -> Gaming, it shows that Win+Alt+PrtScrn will take a screenshot.


It gets saved automatically to This PC > Videos > Captures.


This is working for me.

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I have set my screenshots in the game Menu>Options>Keymapping set like this:




This setting shows NO UI interface in the game so I can get shots without any chat, etc. An example is this mission pic. There was a lot of NPC and team chat and as you can see, the shot is clean with no UI windows.




These kind of shots always show up in the folder where you have the game program installed (the CoH folder you created) in 'screenshots'. The very first picture at the top just shows up as the blank grey wall I used to display my keymapping settings.




To get pictures with all the UI included, after I hit PrtScr, I open my default picture manager (in my case it is XnView) and click on 'import clipboard'. The shot I took shows up there and I can save it.




There is also a screenshot program I have that captures everything. It's called FastStone Capture, and this is the last FREE version. You can capture the entire screen or a selected area. It works like the windows Snip and it's a nice little proggy.




This is what works or me, and has since I had WinXP (Win 10 now.) Hope it helps.





y0Y5yFQ.png Forever grateful to be back in my city!
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