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Accolade Powers after Alignment Switch

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I'm unsure if this is a bug, but it's inconsistent at the least.


I got Force of Nature a while ago while Redside, and switched sides, and received Gaes of the Kind Ones (both Badge and Power).  This was a while ago.

I then switched back, and earnt Headline Stealer, Demonic, and Invader.  Approximately a month ago, but it's hard to remember exactly when.

However, just now when I switched back yet again to Blueside, I only got Task Force Commander.  I did not receive either Conspiracy Theorist Badge/Crey Pistol Power, nor Archmade/Eye of the Magus.


According to ParagonWiki, I should have received the other Accolades/Powers.  Was this changed for Homecoming, or am I the victim of a bug?

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