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Screenshots of Yore


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Lol great pics people.

Oh and welcome to the best part of the forums

@wasuber, @Leiland, @BuzzKilla, @Coyotedancer and @FireBrandi !  


Firebrandi I recognize that name from live and all the art that went with it.

Good to see more of the art collectors/appreciators showing up. zb7XgP0P_o.png


@Healix Lol I've done that same puke in the cup and I even remember

when boombox channels "broke" and you could do all kinds of crazy things on command.

One was doing the self-rez animation + the puke animation to get a rotating vortex of projectile vomiting. rs4wmRnk_o.gif



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Like the Costume Creator? Enjoy a challenge? Love to WIN?

You really should've clicked here before 6pm on Sunday the 18th!



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Old screenshots, you say?  *digs through folder*

Logging in with the original MB in Galaxy. I3.



Character that became my first 50, THerra, about to learn that the busses never come in Paragon.




And two from the end of the COV beta - one beating down Agent Abbot, one of the devs. THe other with a group about to take on Manticore. (PVP zone, obv.)




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Primarily on Everlasting. Squid afficionado. Former creator of Copypastas. General smartalec.


I tried to combine Circle and DE, but all I got were garden variety evil mages.

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It's the LITTLE things that amuse you so much, sometimes. 😄



Dex: I guess it's not safe to go in there?

Cyberman 8: Says Microwave Oven in Use and Caution. I guess not?

Dex: Who knew Microwave Ovens could be dangerous?
Cyberman 8: Industrial Ovens don't have the same safety precautions I guess? 

Dex: This is a Crey Lab. 

Cyberman 8: Oh yeah. That explains a lot. 

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Cyberman 8:  "Um... Guys? GUYS?" 


This is in Bloody Bay. I took this screenshot back on live. But that's not even the funniest thing!
The REALLY funny thing is that I actually saw it happen AGAIN recently while I was badge hunting on THIS server! Apparently the South Shore guards are a little on the THICK side! LMAO! 

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My first-ever screenshot.  Taken so long ago, it used the old "screenshot_0001" format for naming, and therefore I have no idea how old it actually is.



Another one so old I don't know how old it actually is, other than to say:  This was a dance party we held on the Atlas globe when the Dance Emote was added to the game.

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22 hours ago, ArchVileTerror said:

My first-ever screenshot.  Taken so long ago, it used the old "screenshot_0001" format for naming, and therefore I have no idea how old it actually is.

If you have the original file, you might be able to right-click and check the Properties to see its "Created" date

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Sadly not.  It has made its way through several hard drives at this point.  The dates are listed as:

Created:  2019-12-30-09:11:19AM
Modified:  2008-07-02-08:39:42AM


I managed to score 111 screenshots before the format change, and my first in that format is:


Trolls playing a magical floating drum.   


Based on the next couple of screenshots, the format change appears to have hit at the same time as the Rularuu Invasion event. 



Both of these files have the same 2019 created date as the others.

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Redlynne in Issue 2 fighting 5th Columnists who were literally 9 feet tall ...


Redlynne was (and still is) only 5 feet tall.


Eventually she decided to infiltrate Crey Industries and adopted what I called her "Evil Secretary Mode" costume after I saw the first Crey Agents in Brickstown.  Then they tried to ambush me in Steel Canyon (it didn't go well for them).



And some pictures just don't need any explanation at all, do they?


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Verbogeny is one of many pleasurettes afforded a creatific thinkerizer.

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