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3 hours ago, ArchVileTerror said:

That glint, though.  Damn.

Yeah, the Nemesis Staff is pretty sparkly when seen up close ...  😅


Verbogeny is one of many pleasurettes afforded a creatific thinkerizer.

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Excellent screenshots and posts! Been awhile so I thought I'd update everyone and see the results of this thing that I started.


Screenshots of Yore is my first foray into sharing a topic. Normally I just ghost around or search specific info, this time I wanted to share and invite feedback. I will be the first to admit that I am not so savy with the media and I tend to get bored easily. As a result attempts were made to hijack my topic. At the time all this was all well and good as life, work and Covid were flexing their collective muscle and things were busy. I have since been laid off, sold my house and moved to the other side of the country. Things could be better, collectively as a whole country, but I am optimistic. We will get through this stronger and more determined. In that spirit, lets post ScreenShots of gatherings and events to remind us of the good old days.


May this post find you and yours safe and well.


Struck Match


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Legacy screenshots eh, I have a few of those.  Let me dig some up that I posted to Steam many years ago during the "freedom" days.


Here's a Hami Raid from Protector, one that didn't take 10 minutes but took more like an hour.



December 2011 when one of the NCSoft admins decided to give Protector an impromptu Praetorian invasion.



"Zwill, I asked for a pony."



Anyone remember the BOSS_NAME of VILLAIN_GROUP bug?  I had that happen once.  I got turrets as the enemy group, as opposed to a lot of people who reported Storm Elementals.


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Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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It's not really scenic, but I was very impressed with a fellow player's avatar in the original game. At the time, we didn't have all the costume options and creativity we do now, and I'd never seen anything like it.  If this belong to any of you, kudos to you:





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On 4/20/2020 at 5:27 PM, Redlynne said:

And some pictures just don't need any explanation at all, do they?



One box of Chocolate Hero-O's left!

You're mine... neeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh----ZWOINK!----ahhhhhnnnnnnnnnd

God Dammit!


for those who don't get the reference. HmWYqjbR_o.gif

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