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Getting the Jailed Badge (Time Mezzed)

Derek Icelord

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I find that using rest mode can at times leave you defeated and awiating hospital transport when you return.


1. Removal all Malta from the area except for one sapper.


2. Presuming that you have not slotted up your second or third build on the character, enter command /selectbuild 2


You then shift into an unslotted build, no defenses. After that just stand normally in front of the sapper.


Just stand there and let him tazer zap you, he should not be able to defeated you but you will gain the badges

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Since this thread is still one of the top hits for "Jailed," here's what I've found after trying a few variations of the sapper method of AFK farming this badge.

  • The Crimson Hunt L50 red-side flashback mission opens with a base full of Malta.  Running it at -1/x4 ensured that most groups had a sapper. 
  • My fully IO'd DP/MC blaster had too many defenses to get mezzed often enough against three sappers (which was the most I was able to get the attention of at a time), but resting was a good way to take a fast trip to the hospital.
  • Switching to an unslotted build with /selectbuild 2 worked great for getting held more often.  But my (suddenly squishy again) blaster couldn't handle the damage from two sappers over time.  So I ended up just standing around with one sapper.  I was held for roughly 35 seconds each minute.  At that rate, the Jailed badge should take about 20 hours or so.  Not the most efficient, but it was the best I was able to manage on an unslotted build.
  • A couple of other things about switching to an unslotted build:
    • The new build fights at your current level but has level 1 powers.  That means no rest and no incarnate powers.  I've actually considered making a second build slotted up with as many heal and regen powers as the AT will take just for AFK damage farming.  That's probably not worth the time for Jailed, which even at my low efficiency can be obtained in a couple of nights, but I might do it when it's time to try for Immortal.
    • Switching builds resets the timers on all your powers, including travel powers like the Oro Portal and the Long-Range Teleporter.   So I wouldn't recommend it for semi-AFK mez farming, when you might want to jump out and join a TF or something.  Switching back to your main build is going to leave you taking the slow way around for a while.     



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