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Virtue Roll Call!


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My handle changed many times @ThaRedeemer, @StreetsAvenger, @RedMarabunta, @BlackMarabunta...don't remember what my last handle was but I was on Virtue from the beginning! Streets Avenger was my last toon I played with before the curtain call! Now his image has Resurrected as a new hero named Captain Scorp Zero! (Any characters I plan to make will have Zero at the end! My nickname is Scorp as I am a Scorpio...has nothing to do with Mortal Kombat just to clear that up! lol)

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Guess I’m doing this again.


@TwoDee now, formerly @Plushzombie.  Most active on villain side with my MM Stalin’s Sword, but I dabbled in hero side.  Formerly of Circle of Jerks/League of Extraordinary Bastards.  We ran with the Crazy 88 a lot on Taskforces and such.


I’ll see you folks around, probably on Stalin’s Sword himself or my blueside toon Johnny Rad.

Lead of the <New Praetorians Initiative> supergroup.  Goldside enjoyer.  Perennial RP-etiquette overthinker.

Most of my writing is SG-internal, but the following are SFMA that anybody should be able to play if you want new story-based content.

  • NPI: Duray, Duray | 25575: - The New Praetorians scramble to stop the Praetorian and Primal Virgil Durays from getting the band back together.
  • NPI: Brickstown Vice | 36729, 40648, 40803 - The New Praetorians aid Marauder in a drug bust that dredges up his past.  Branches into two paths.
  • NPI: Red Resistance | 43796 - The New Praetorians run afoul of vigilantes after a robbery gone wrong.  Crossover with <Hero Corps Founders Falls>.
  • NPI: Leucochloridium | 44863: - A wellness check on a Woodvale cleanup officer turns over unfinished, Praetorian business.
  • How Emperor Cole Saved Christmas | 45794 - A 100% authentic simulation of how Emperor Cole singlehandedly saved the holiday of Christmas!
  • Bassilisk | 51947 - Several Paragon City villain groups fight over the Rikti's dumbest entirely-canonical doomsday weapon.
  • A Freakshow Love Story | 54544 - Ganymede the cherub calls upon heroes to break up a toxic romance that's going to have explosive fallout!
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teh Catsi is here Balefire and Panda in teh house =^_^=

My Dear you deserve the services of a great wizard but youll have to settle for the aid of a second rate pick pocket



So you mean you'll put down your rock, and I'll put down my sword; and we'll try and kill each other like civilized people?

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Never again saw an MMO community as good as what I was spoiled by on the Virtue server when I was new to MMOs.  I still regret playing CoH too casually and not seeing enough of it.


My most played characters were Emerald Wanderer (blueside) Doctor Butcher (red) and Black Cyclone (gold).

"There's no one like me in real life."

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