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Virtue Roll Call!


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Fine fine fine, I'll say.


@The Flea and @Arcane Nyx


Flea (Flea Mark Evil, Flea Mark Terror, Flea Mark Siege, Flea Mark Tempest, Shadowed Honor and Shadowed Memory) - Maggies Rock, Palladium Sentry and Dark Dominion

Despair Unbound - ERA

Var (From The Depths) - Empire of Atlantis

The Voice of Dagon - United Underworld

Ankylus - Dauntless


And others.


The other account was a mixed bag but I recall my primary characters from it being...


Danielle Love - Maggies Rock

Emma (Reflected Chaos, Shattered Chaos) - Maggies Rock


Too much stuff lost over too many years.

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Hey!  It's good to see so many familiar names.


I was @KelpPlankton on virtue, and I go by Sea Lily now (or most likely @SeaLily in-game)


Hoping to see a big RP community again once there's a permanent server to play on!

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DarkTower / Ghostwriter / Hexcode / Zim Zim / Captain Dense / Grayze (and those are just the ones people might actually know - my wife and I were toon junkies as I'm sure many of us were)


My wife's characters were Portia VanDel, Golden Oleander, Frigorific, Fairy God Bubbler, Soyala and Evil Wisteria (among many others).

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I started the game on Triumph, moved to virtue after a while, stayed there ever since, I was a child mentally and physcially at the time,

14 or so if I recall it was the same year as shutdown I started, so didn't have much of an idea what I was doing, Virtue is how I learned a bit more organization with roleplay, before then

It was like playing pretend in the front yard in Fusion Fall, or Freerealms.

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I was on Virtue


My more played higher level Characters were


Acadian., SS/invuln Tank

Crimson Booster, Fire/Kin Cont

Azure Blast, nrg/nrg Blaster

Iron Grin, Zombie/Shields MM

Darkvoid., Dark/Rad Corr

Scarlet Blast, AR/Traps Corr

Red Booster, Fire/kin Corr

Pain Blaze, Spines/Fire Scrap

Black Lyght, Warshade

Operative Connery, my Arachnos Soldier





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Shamefully, I can't remember my global. I really can't.


FLEA! REMIND ME WHAT MY GLOBAL WAS! Your memory is better than mine.


Hero side: Redwinged, Seventh Line, Internet Prawn (Worst. Kheld. Ever,) and honestly I can't even remember the rest.

Villain side: Tundra, Pridemaker, couple others I can't remember.


And yes, I remember... at least 10 of you so far.

The only two-time Manticore Lookalike Contest winner and Sean Fish approved Archery/Fire Blaster.


"I solo'd this as an Ice/Ice Dom and all I got was this lousy t-shirt."

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Hey Virtue! @Bullet-Proof checking in. My small cadre of alts we’re affiliated with Hero Force and The Justice Guard.


Ionic-Strike (Elec/Elec/Mu Blaptroller)

FlameStrike (Fire/SS Tanker)

Bullet-Proof (DP/NRG Blaster)

D’minion (Elec/WP Brute)

Ultra-Prime (WP/SS Tanker)

Honor-Bound (StJ/WP Brute)

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