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Virtue Roll Call!

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Spent quite a few years on Virtue, all the way up until the shutdown. I don't recall my globalname but some of my characters were (and are once again as of today! :))) Arganna, OmniSurge, ShocknAwe39, OmniPrime, and quite a few others. Happy to be back and hope everyone gets through the que at least once lol.

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Checking in! Formerly @MazzoGrave. A lot has changed, but I'm glad to be back and can't wait for the RP folks to settle on a server and start building up once again. Back then I mostly played my Crab Tank, Mazzo Grave/Webmaster Grave. But I also had some other characters like the Coniferous Man (now known as The Deciduous Man) and Captain Mask!

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Also checking in from Virtue


From Dawn Patrol: Skritchie and Alaia Saaqib

From The Codex: LeBlanc, Emerald Shard, and Ursus Maritimus

From Arachnos Elite and Elite Web Guard: Mu'Eris, Operative DeWinter, and Azure Widow

From Vanguard Elite: Ivy Thorne and Zoe Midas

And others: Master Red Panda, Mer-Maiden

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I played on a few different servers, but Virtue was home.  Here are a few of my 50s.


Highland Guard (DB/WP scrapper)

Mike Spectre (Warshade)

Ironsights (AR/Devices blaster)

National Pride (DP/Energy blaster) - American Legion

Tempest Hart (Elec/Elec dominator) - The Justice Girls


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I was on Virtue since the very start! Some of my most rememberable and infamous characters were:


Crey Agent 007 - MA Scrapper

Battalion Angel - Mastermind

Tsoo Ink Man - MA Stalker

Akuma Kamikaze - Katana Scrapper


I absolutely loved the game and I'm super excited to see it back in action!

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Viture was my home too

Tilrea                  Demon/Dark Mastermind

Tabbe                  Claw/Regeneration

Plauge Demonette Radiation/Radiation Corruptor

Time flux              Beam Rifle/Time Manipulation Corruptor

Infernal Guardian  Fire/Fire tanker

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Virtue was home for me! Great to see so many names I remember! Man I missed the RP community!


Cypher Flash- TA/Rad Defender

Transcending Force- Warshade

Will Blade- Katana/SR Scrapper

Will Rock- MA/SR Scrapper

Mikan- Spines/Regen Scrapper

Orion Prime- SS/Inv Tank


And many more! Find me in game at @leahentranced !

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Virtue was the only server I ever played on, though I wasn't very active in the community, usually just a guy in the background.  However, if by some chance anyone remembers my three characters, feel free to shoot me a message.


Arco Faust, Ice/Cold Corruptor

Seventies Successor, Martial Arts/Reflexes Disco Bandit Scrapper

Ivan Melnikov, Arachnos Soldier (Bane Spider)


I mostly played from issue 5 up til 9, then disappeared for awhile until the Incarnate stuff came out, up til the game died.  Luckily I still have my first character's Virtueverse profile around as some friendly reminders, love that site.

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@AlwaysAPrice on live, just @Ani here for now, primarily of the League of Misfits, the Reciprocators, and Nation. Helped admin VirtueVerse (...I should really look into where that's gone...) and had lots of fun with Virtue's swarm of IC Formspringers, who I see some of here (DBF!).


Who were you on Nation, Ani?  I'm looking at bringing it back...

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