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[Heroic] [25-35] What Became of Sam Wincott - Arc ID: 17435


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 This story follows the events of The Hollows, which should be done first. Contacts and characters will remember you from those events.


Sam Wincott is missing again. Trolls Task Force, still led by Lt David Wincott, went on the offence against the trolls but vanished. The only person you can contact is Julius the Kindhearted Troll.




This is my first real stab at an AE arc. I've kept it simple for now to see what's up and wanted to do something no more or less complicated than a regular arc. I felt like the ending of the Hollows arc was a little incomplete, so I wanted to try my own take of what could happen next.


I'm looking for feedback and am prepared to make some changes. I've been able to play through it on a generic IO build in the upper range of the levels. It might be difficult a little lower due to a few EBs. There are a few unfortunate compromises I needed to make, such as using the Bat'Zul level instead of the Cavern of Transcendence map.

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