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Drop a name, pick up a name!

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Some Available Names and Name Seeds:

  • Active
  • Ask
  • Black Doom
  • Bloodblade
  • Blue Lion
  • Burnpile
  • Cherish
  • Civil Warrior
  • Conservative
  • Crispy
  • Deadblade
  • Deaf Leopard
  • Def
  • Def Jam
  • Devilblade
  • Dragontail
  • Dreadblade
  • Dynosaur
  • Eep
  • Elk
  • Eukaryote
  • Giraffe
  • Grab
  • Hobbit
  • Hookhand
  • Learner
  • Liberal
  • Lightwater
  • Luciferian
  • Micro-Man
  • Moderate
  • Nitestar
  • Pounder
  • Probiotic
  • Problemo
  • Prokaryote
  • Prokaryotic
  • Prophesy
  • Razormind
  • Sergal
  • Serve
  • Snack
  • Solarblade
  • Soulblood
  • Soulstriker
  • Springstep
  • Start
  • Stew
  • Storytime
  • Summerlight
  • Summerwind
  • Underhill
  • Violation
  • Warm
  • Windcraft
  • Windpipe
  • Winterlight

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Posted (edited)

I've snagged the following names because I think it would be interesting for a few people to get together and create a themed supergroup or a team of some sort. Obviously there's some overlap in the names - for instance, Mighty One, Powerful One, and Strong One could all mean the same thing - but not all the names need to be taken. Also, I'm not necessarily saying I want to be part of said team, but if a group of people were interested in doing something with these, feel free to hit me up. Global is @Anthem.

  • Agile One
  • Clever One
  • Cunning One
  • Fast One
  • Kind One
  • Mighty One
  • Powerful One
  • Quick One
  • Righteous One
  • Smart One
  • Strong One
  • Tainted One
  • Wise One
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18 hours ago, Anthem said:


Remembering my Rob Leifeld names guide, I checked and "Blade Blade" is available.  🙂

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Apologies for being a bad community member, but I have used quite a few of these names without posting:


Hellstride, 50 Staff/SR Stalker

Catfolk, 34 Claws/Bio Scrapper

Psychoclasm, 34 Mind/Fire Dominator

Turboman, 21 SS/Inv Brute


I have also snagged the following, but haven't made final decisions on their character:


Battle Mage, undecided

Doomspeaker, probably a Sonic/Sonic Corr

Street Preacher, probably a WP/WM Tanker (likely my next project!)


Thank you so much to everyone who takes the time to post lists of amazing, open names.  For those of us who make tons of alts it's great to have a resource to draw inspiration from.  


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I was tired of waiting for someone else to do it, and so I made:  

Fear Incarnate

Dark Control / Pain Domination.  I'm going to make them a Vigilante, with the Presence Pool.  Let's see how much Fear one can stack.


I'm not attached to this character, though . . . just the concept of someone dedicating an entire build to maximizing Fear effects.  So, if anyone wants to promise me that they can make Fear Incarnate an Absolute Terror (that name's also free as of right now), then I'm all for it.  

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2 hours ago, MetaVileTerror said:

Absolute Terror

Make them Dark for the aura and call it an AT field.

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Hi all!  A bit new to the homecoming.  After lots and lots of failed attempts to get the names I wanted, I discovered this thread!


So, I've taken the name Firecaller for a character, thank you for sharing it!


I haven't found many free ones that will shock you, but I do have a couple that are free now:


Aria Star

Good Will



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