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New Costume Pieces Request


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There are the 2 tech jetpack options, under wings, that have wings that deploy and a little thruster that activates when flying.  Both use a very similar back piece for the thrusters.  I'd love to have *just* that central piece, (minus the wings), as a backpack option!  Somewhat related, I'd love a version of the goldbricker jetpack, only without the 2 smaller ducted fans/turbines at the top...

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On 8/12/2022 at 11:07 PM, captainstar said:

More animal and monster heads like these would be nice....


I’m still surprised that they didn’t add a gorilla head back in the day, given the sheer number of gorilla-themed characters there are in superhero comics. That’s one of the few things Champions Online got right. Chimpanzees are probably a close second when it comes to sentient animal characters in comics. Even dogs come in a very distant third place.


If making all-new animal heads is beyond the abilities of folks contributing art, maybe make a way to use the existing animal heads with hats and eyepieces and such. Probably just as much work, eh? But just look how cool they are wearing hats in the Blacksad comics:








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