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Rad Armor - Ground Zero - Slotting question

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Asking for advice on how to slot Ground Zero. Complete set, procs, or a combination.


I have not counted them all, but the power can take at least eight different procs. It's a proc monster's dream.


Is that the best way to slot it? Or with high fury is it better to maximize damage with a full set? Or a combination of procs and 2-4 set pieces?


Side note, it's a great way to get your healing badges w/o a lot of work.

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I dunno about "best" but my 40-something Mace/Rad has it slotted with 3 procs (achilles -res and two damage) and 3 cheap ios to frankenslot it up a bit. 


Not only does it take a lot but the long recharge means they fire off a lot (every time from what I can tell but beyond a few initial tests I havent verified). 


The nice thing about the -res is that it should affect all the ticks of toxic damage. And since procs dont care about Fury that makes it my favourite opener power (maybe after a crowd control 1st just to knock things over). Ive no idea if the -res applies to the other procs but id imagine not. 


Procced build up > Ground Zero > Whirling Mace > Crowd Control or Shatter makes me happy. 


This is a 40 something character so I haven't bothered with sets yet, just IOs, procs and cheap frankenslotting. 

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