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Hami Raid

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Because Indom is a pretty small community, they tend to be mostly ad hoc. It's a good deal of cat wrangling to get 40+ heroes lev 45+ together in a coordinated fashion. It also takes a bit more balance and direction than an MSR (imo) for instance. Some of the bigger supers from larger super groups will have 5 or 6 members from the same SG, but it's nothing like on Live where you'd have 2 supergroup make-up all 40+ participants.

I've only organized Hami one time and it was by accident (I was trying to just get people to join in a single league and planned to turn it over to someone experienced once they got on, but no one ever did.) There were a LOT of eager beavers that joined up. And luckily, for me the color leaders stepped-up and were excellent and really did all the technical coordination. My work was just getting everyone together and balanced with controllers and blue/yellow teams and then getting all the "Thank You!"s at the end of it.


I've lead the melee/ranged groups a few times, but even in those positions people are relying on your targeting/maneuvering skills. And sometimes it's hard to get people to step into those roles. because a) they've never done it and don't know exactly what they are supposed to do or the sequence of events or b) don't want to be responsible for the failure of the group and possibly the raid.


The Hamidon Raid is a team effort. No one person or group can do all the work. Everyone has to understand they are coordinating their strengths. Half of the team "phoning-it-in" or not clear on what their task is, will fail the mission even if you have a full league.

Some tips: 

1) If you don't know the 2 stage hami tactics, read-up and familiarize yourself with them, or get someone who has done it to lead and give out instructions/assignments. Even if just participating as a member, reading up on the strategy will greatly benefit you.

2) Get color team leaders who are confident that they know what to do, and make it clear that they need to communicate and organize their teams to do the task as they deem it should be done. (Some teams split and attack mitos in a 2 pronged attack to try to clear mitos faster. Others stick with the original plan of going clockwise around hami). 

3) Recommend to team leaders they get a Lieutenant to 2nd in command in case they go down or DC. If you are a leader and the team is targeting through you and you go down and or just getting blasted out of the air by the mitos, they can turn into complete disarray (BTDT). Or as in #2 above; make sure everyone knows the plan so if you do go down or DC they can continue without you.

4) Have a designated person on the league to be the "League Recall" person. They have to be an Incarnate and have Destiny power of "Incandescence" to teleport the whole league to Safe Rock when the time comes. They shouldn't attack the hami, but should stay on the rock to recall everyone at the key moment. This isn't an absolutely necessary position, but it's a really cool job to give someone and it's one thing that the other 40+attackers, league leader can take off of their plate, and concentrate on eliminating the Mitos if they know they have this support role covering their backside.

5) The primary tanker that tanks the Hami is super important. They have to tank the hami a Very long time, Only some of the strongest tankers can do it successfully. Try to have a back-up person as well as a designated support (healer) person for this roll to make the job a bit less stressful. If the Hami tanker goes down the whole mission can go side-ways quick.  

6) I tend to burn through 6-8 Essence of the Earths during a hami (3-4 on each stage), so recommend to people that they acquire that many before you begin the first dive. 


A full 48 league can do it in a breeze if everyone contributes to the task. And it's worth the pain of organizing for the 4 Emp Merits you get.


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12 hours ago, CptFrench said:

I want to do Hami Raids now that I have a lvl 50 char. Does anyone know when the Hami raids happen on Indomitable?

Probably a question best asked on the Idomitable forum or Discord channels.

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