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Raise level range for Praetorian Alignment missions


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I was playing through Chance McKnight's arc and leveled up to 16 when I finished the main part of the story arc and got the bonus exp.


Of course that meant I outleveled the finale/alignment mission which is technically a sepearte arc. I got sent off to Neutropolis without getting to play the last mission.


I had soloed all the way to that point. I hadn't used double xp at all and I hadn't grinded. I only ran the responsibility arcs. I did have a decent amount of patrol experience because I wasn't playing that character every day.


I assume the alignment missions in praetoria are considered separate arcs so the alignment stuff works right and so you can access them easily through ouro. But I don't see why these couldn't have their level bracket be a couple levels higher, so you can't outlevel them accidentally. So that last arc would have a range of 10-17 instead of 8-15.

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