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Willpower and holding aggro


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I remember reading an article back in the day that Willpower has a harder time holding aggro because it doesn't have damage aura, just a debuff aura, and that the aura pulses every few seconds rather than have it's taunt effect linger longer on each mob it hits.


Is this still true on homecoming? I'm guessing yes.


I don't want to slot Rise to the Challenge with taunt because I want my 6-slot bonus.


I have Taunt to grab baddies manually but it interrupts my attack chain and it might even interfere with Titan Weapon Momentum although I think not, I have to test it.


I know tanks have a taunt component attached to every attack (Gauntlet?) but I don't think it work for brutes.

I was hoping the Brute epic pools would have damage auras.


And while this is a brute, I was hoping it would be a very tanky character (not just survivable but focus aggro on self to help the team, including herding for AoEs, etc...). Did I mess up in my choice of AT or powerset? (Lvl28 and only started slitting IOs so it's still hard to tell what later content will be like). I wanted a TW character and the reason I chose WP was the less clicky secondary doesn't get in the way of keeping Momentum.


Any tricks to get more aggro? I think one of the incarnates has an aggro aura? Looks like Salt Crystals from the Earth Mastery epic is an AoE sleep with a longish duration, could it help grabbing aggro? Will it interrupt momentum?


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