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Packrat at 17

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First off, grats!


Second, 100 story arcs (well, souvenirs) by level 10?

I guess if you turned off XP and teamed with other people doing arcs, then yeah, totally doable. It looks like you already did some of that (I mean, you have Agent and other high-level content badges for cryin' out loud)!

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Indeed.  Agent was a by-product of my efforts to earn the Accolades.  Annoyingly, many of the Blue-Side accolades are artificially level-locked.  Thankfully, their Red-Side equivalents are not (but some are level-locked by being behind level-restricted zones, like the PvP zones).  I'm still hunting for someone to help me earn Multidimensional, though.

Not pictured in the screenshot, but I have Bloodletter and The Stinger since people were asking for help with those particular missions, and weren't too choosy about having a low-level help them.  Time Saver was just 'cause I was invited to a team that sounded friendly, and happened to run that mission.


To my knowledge, you can not earn Souvenirs by doing other players' story arcs.  You have to "own" the story arc to get the Souvenir.  Or am I in error on this?

However, I recently discovered a small loophole in Ouroboros that allows you to "own" a story arc which is 5 levels above your usual eligibility restriction, but it means running the mission at that higher level (kind of daunting for a level 10 to go up against level 14 and 15 enemies, less-so for a level 17 to go up against 19s and 20s).  I haven't tested this loophole with any characters below level 14 yet, but level 10 would (theoretically) give access to enough missions to get 100 Souvenirs using my loophole.  The game may limit this, though, since I don't think you can use the Frozen Flames unless you're 14.

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Theoretically this is possible at level 1. Just pick up all the exploration badges from the low level zones that won't get you killed (and maybe a few that will, but after getting a badge) and possibly a few day jobs to top you off.

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- RC


"As long as everyone is having fun, you're not doing it wrong."

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So, is this normally a thing?  Solo, I should mention, even though I didn't think to snap any proof of that (not even sure how I would, other than recording the whole ordeal as a video).

Also solo'd Yin and Sutter before this (again, no proof, how do I even?).  Up to 1043 total Badges now, but I caved and levelled up to 22 so I could start working on the next wave of Contacts and content.

I should note that I also don't have -any- characters over level 30 yet.  While I've received some donations of Inf from other players (costume contests, hide-n-seek, et cetera), I've had little experience with this new content before now.  I had stopped playing back on Legacy by 2009 or 2010.  It's all quite new to me, so I'm genuinely unsure of where this feat falls on the scale of "actually impressive."

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The Inf Earned badges will take you a very long time if you remain at the lower levels. Inf earnings scale with your trained level (meaning you don't earn less for exemplaring).


I applaud your efforts, however masochistic you may be 🤪

Where are we going, and why am I in this hand basket?

Check out the Unofficial Homecoming Wiki! Contributions welcome!

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On 9/11/2020 at 12:05 PM, FoulVileTerror said:

If you'd like assistance earning some of these for yourself, @PluckySidekick, I'd be happy to help.  My main account in-game is @VileTerror

No worries.


My Warshade Super Sempai Seven has 1062 badges at the moment and working my way to the finish as fast as I can.


You can @ me at anytime in game if I'm around, I'm Pluckysidekick, both here and there. Always happy to meet new people.

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