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Rapid Isolator Badge and Taxi Services Available on Everlasting

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So, I've got a couple of characters on Everlasting who are here to provide services to those in need.

On my @GraspingVileTerror account, I have Grim Isolator, a Level 10 Titan Weapon/Fiery Aura Brute parked in Outbreak.  Yup.  Level 10, in the Blueside Outbreak Tutorial Zone.  And Grim Isolator is here to help you earn your Isolator Badge lickity-split!  All them AoEs work wonders, especially against enemies con'ing 9 levels lower.


On my @TemporalVileTerror account, I have Temporal Taxi, an Illusion Control/Time Manipulation Controller who has Recall Friend and Grant Invisibility.  Do you have any Exploration Badges you want for a lowbie, or maybe a lazy high level character?  Need to get to that damnable Mother of Mercy Hospital in First Ward for your Psychology education?  Temporal Taxi is here to help!


In either case, it's better to reach out to me on my main account:  @VileTerror

We can schedule a time and hopefully get you what you need with minimal wait time.

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