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Mission Object Spawns Inside Wall - AE Crey Hero Lab Map


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I am using the Crey Hero Lab map (Unique Maps > Tech Lab > Crey Hero Lab) for an AE mission arc. I have a contingent Collection objective, required for completion, that spawns in Back when the required Boss objective that also spawns in Back is completed. On my test run through, the floor safe that is the collection object spawned inside the wall of the final room. There was no clipping; it was simply impossible to see and to click on. I could verify the object's location from the map and the sound cue.


Screenshot with map enlarged provided for reference.


Note that there is valid space on the upper deck portion of this room on the map, but the safe object either spawned at normal floor level or spawned on the upper deck and "fell" through to the normal floor level.


Recommended Fix: Adjust spawn point to more precisely ensure objects will not spawn in the wall, if possible.538258945_AEObjectError2019-11-23.thumb.png.7c2b743df2dde7f97fbd62058160cbb5.png

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