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Will this laptop be good enough?


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I use a gaming desktop, but a friend is looking to buy a laptop for CoH:


System Memory (RAM)
8 gigabytes


Intel UHD Graphics 620


Processor Speed (Base)
1.6 gigahertz


Processor Model
Intel 8th Generation Core i5


Processor Model Number

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CoH and Intel integrated graphics do not get along.  Your friend needs a notebook computer with a discrete graphics card.  It doesn't need to be a top of the line graphics card like a NVidia RTX 2080 though.  A low end graphics card like a NVidia 1650 will be just fine.

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15 minutes ago, Cinnder said:

Quick follow-up: my buddy bought this laptop and can play, but it's a bit choppy.  Any suggestions as to which graphic options are the biggest processor hogs and best to turn down?

That computer should be more than powerful enough to run 3 instances of the game at once. Look for driver updates to fix the issues.

Look for the latest Nvidia drivers for the video card https://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx
Once that is done, most laptop manufacturers have some sort of auto update software for the rest of the components.

Also, make sure he is running the 64 bit client.

This should sort out whatever problems you are having.

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