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City of Heroes...ARCADE CABINET?!?!?


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The only thing it needs is to have the keyboard and a trackball integrated into the control panel area, instead of sitting on top like that.  I wonder if they just repurposed the Arcade 1UP cabinet, or if it's entirely new and they just used the riser...

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The only thing for me, from a usability standpoint, would be the 4:3 aspect low rez monitor that is used in most arcade cabs.

The chat trays in the lower left would get really close to or possibly even touch the power trays coming

from the lower right unless you can turn up the resolution sufficiently high.


From a coolness standpoint though, off the charts! HmWYqjbR_o.gif


@biostem they may actually be physically hard mounted or screwed onto that plank so as to never move around when you and typing/clicking away.

The swap in panel with the traditional buttons and joystick on the floor is what makes me think that. This way they can pop one off and unplug

the leads and swap the other in relatively easy depending what game they want to play (if they have MAME loaded as well). I suppose the

KB and mouse could be recessed a bit if that is what you meant but it would take a lot more work to make a custom cutout in the

shapes of the KB and mouse than using a simple surface mount. It could also make your grip on the mouse a bit awkward.


@NNDeepdish Did you mean how the two different panels with different controls can be integrated or how it would

work to try and play CoH with a 8 way joystick and 6 button (looks like a classic Street Fighter 2 config) layout?



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