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BBN Adventures: A radio based superhero/villain comedy drama series!


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Hello everyone. I have characters on every server, but my main is Infinity Woman on Torchbearer! I also have a few radio shows, but one specifically that this community would appreciate.


So on Tuesday nights, I do a show called BBN Adventures. We are in our 5th year, and the show started as a parody of late night celebrity talk shows, but has evolved over the years into teh superhero adventures it is now(but still using the original characters).


The show usually focuses on either my main villain Tolly Williford Gipson, and his group the Cabal of Villainy, OR Derik Brockwell as General Athletics, and his group, The General Athletics Family.


Recently, my villain killed two heroes from our universe's Justice League level supergroup, The Golden Gods. In this week's episode. TWG sends two of his minions up to the Golden Gods headquarters to spy on them, and their reaction to the death of their teammates. this is actually the first real appearance of these characters, as they have only been spoken about for the past few years.


So, if you would like to, you can listen to the show live tonight at midnight CST at: www.kuhsradio.org  You can stream worldwide, and it is of course free. You can also find clips of some of my stuff on youtube at The Brockwell Broadcast Network. I suggest listening to tonight's episode though. It should be pretty good, and sets up a lot for the next few weeks. Toight's episode is called "Perched On High". 


I also make missions in AE, and will be uploading a mission based on tonight's episode, tomorrow morning. You can find my AE adventures by searching : Legion of Infinity


I hope everyone enjoys my creativity!

feel free to leave comments about the show. I am also going to upload a copy of tonight's script: 


I also added a picture of Valkyrie Queen, made in the CoH engine:

Valkyrie Queen.png

BBN Adventures Perched On High.pdf

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