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Rogues & TUNNEL in Praetoria?


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My Rogue-aligned Peacebringer is unable to use the Rogue Isles TUNNEL Connections in Praetoria (Imperial City, Underground Imperial, First Ward, Night Ward), giving the error message:
"Only Villains are allowed."

This also locks out the waypoint markers, preventing them from being seen on the mini-map.


The connections in Dark Astoria work as expected, however, and I can use both connections as a Rogue.

Might be worth giving these a look?


EDIT: I've done some testing on Pineapple with a villain-started character, with alignment changes via Null:

  • Vigilantes behave in the same way as Rogues.
    • They can access both TUNNELs in DA, but only the Paragon TUNNEL in any Praetorian Zone.
  • Villains can access the Rogue Isles TUNNELs as expected.
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