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Hybrid Melee Partial Radial Graft not working properly


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My Hybrid Melee Partial Core Graft Incarnate component properly works and both lists on teh Info tab and grants extra REGEN and RES

My Hybrid Melee Partial Radial Graft Incarnate component DOES NOT properly work and does not list how much DEF or REGEN it will grant in the info tab. Also none of the DEF is granted.


Most of my other incarnate components work although some are much more useful than others.

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Just to be clear, are you trying these out with enemies in melee range? The buffs of the Melee branch are based on the number enemies within a certain radius around you, however the Core branch front-loads some of this buff, which might be what you're seeing if you tested without an enemy within range.

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I have the same problem with the Melee Total Core Graft. It should give me damage resist and Status Protection in melee, but all it does is give the Regeneration bonus I already had with the basic Melee Genome.


And yes, I checked this all while there were enemies in melee range, in Dark Astoria.

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I have Melee Partial Radial Core on a Brute. I felt the same as you, but decided to really test it after reading this post. Here's what I did:


  • I shut off all toggles.
  • I opened my combat attributes and toggled monitoring on several positional and type defenses.
  • I went to sharkhead isle and stood in a crowd of angry miners... 10-12
  • I clicked Melee Partial Core hybrid toggle and observed.


Primary results: My defense increased by 1.20% for each mob in melee range up to a maximum of 7 stacks (+8.4% total). This is one less than the target cap listed in the Info box.


Other observations:

  • There seems to be a 'to hit' requirement. At least it was a guaranteed Def boost for in range mobs.
  • The duration for each mob 'hit' lasted only so long as they were in range it seemed. The moment them moved more than a few feet away, the Def boost was lost.
  • There seems to be a delay between reacquiring the Def boost and when a mob came back in melee range.
  • There is a 'Critical' hit component whereby some 'hits' award double Def. I saw my def boost go up to +12% total at times (so 10 stacks, but some of those were 2x 'critical' stacks). However, this only seemed to work in the first portion of the power's activation. I suspect this is a type of decay effect like you see with Destiny powers.



The power works, but it can seem like it doesn't at times because of the following factors:

  • There is some sort of to hit roll / pulse frequency, so the power is not 'always on'.
  • The Def boost duration is only a couple seconds after a target leaves melee range.
  • If mobs are not in range or leave range when the power checks for 'to hit' / pulses, you don't gain the benefit until they reenter the area on a later pulse and get checked again.
  • You can get double critical stacks but only in the first portion of the power's activation, so some times your Def boost is really high, but later it decays to not much. So for a longer fight, it will basically be gone if you kill all the mins and are left with a solo boss.



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I did some more research, and this is what I found:


I upgraded to Melee Core Embodiment. This is the description in the Incarnate window:


 This power grants the user a stacking Regeneration, Resistance, and Status Protection buff for each enemy within a 10 foot radius. The effect reaches its maximum strength at 9 enemies. This power also grants a very large Regeneration, Resistance, and Status Protection buff regardless of nearby foes. Equipping this Hybrid power grants a passive boost to Regeneration at all times.


And this is the description in the active buffs (Right under the xp bar. I don't know the official name):


 Equipping the Melee Hybrid power gives you a passive boost to Regeneration.


The detailed info also says: +30.00% % regeneration rate on self


When I stood in the middle of some Family goons in Sharkhead with all toggles off, I got nothing extra.




So it seems the Radial branch of Melee Hybrid works more or less as it should, but the Core branch of Melee Hybrid is broken and only gives a 30% Regeneration boost.

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