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Cold Front 2 : Arctic Boogaloo.


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I don't know if anyone will recall or not, but I used to be one of the idiots who ran a weekly themed team on Union.


Cold Front, as a concept is simple.  Ice/Cold/Storm powersets.  That's it.


So I'm thinking of doing it all over again. It'd be on Friday evenings, 7:30pm UK time.


So long as one of your Primary or Secondary powersets matches the requirement of Ice/Cold/Storm, the rest can be whatever you want.


  • Fire Blast/Icy Melee Blaster?  Fine.
  • Shield/Ice Tanker?  No Problem.
  • Electric/Regen Scrapper?  <BZZT!> Sorry, no good.  (But, but, but it's totally lightning themed!  Nope, sorry.)


To try and give some longevity to the concept, I'd suggest a bar on XP boosters.  We'll be running mostly story content, and probably the arcs that most people can get easily, so everyone on the team (or as far as is possible) gets Reward Merits on the journey.  TF's too, of course, as the teams meet level criteria.


So, if anyone's interested, I'l be in Atlas Park on Reunion this coming Friday from about 7:20pm UK time on a reincarnation of my Illusion/Storm controller from last time.  And you see my user name over there <--- ?  That's my global handle too (edit: with a space, not an underscore).



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