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Faultline Badges

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I have read the most recent tooics in this. They did not answer this question 


so i badged Echo Faultline first and recieved the accolade for the zone


then i tried Badging Faultline. Yes i know a couple badges were moved to Echo. yes i know where Egg Hunter is

what i do not know is where/what the new badges to make up 8 in Faultline are


are there not 8 in Faultline and no Accolades


no info on paragon wiki of course


my vidiot maps was downloaded 3 weeks ago and should be ip to date


i will not be clicking on any links provided after reading Leandros comments about odd sites doing some CoX hosting in another thread


what would be eeally helpful is a list with /loc of the current actual Faultline Badges and a response if there are still 8 and an accolade




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Yes there are 8 badges in Faultline, and an accolade (Faultline Finder) for getting them all. I've attached a screenshot from the excellent Badger website showing the names and locations of the exploration badges in Faultline.


I'd also recommend checking the pinned threads in this same Badges subforum for a thread titled 'Echo Falutline Badger Hunter Helpline'. Down towards the bottom of the first page is a post by Blondeshell with two attached maps of Faultline and Echo: Faultline. If your vidiot maps for those zones don't look like that, then I suggest downloading and installing the excellent vidiot map update package that Blondeshell put together, as those maps accurately show the locations of all the current exploration badges.




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