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Looking for AE Farm Building Guide


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Here's the part I don't get. I'm trying to make my own outdoor map with mob packs that stay put. But when I load it up with my own custom characters I can't seem to get the groups as big as the ones in the outdoor comic con mission.


In the video, when you add patrols you set the difficulty of the patrol to hard to maximize the size/exp gain from that patrol. But if you don't use patrols (you just want static groups), how do you maximize the size/exp of the groups? My custom group has 23 minions, 8 lieutenants, and 4 bosses. Is this an acceptable number?


As I said, I am trying to emulate Brigg's outdoor city block farm. No patrols, just big packs of mobs you can jump in between. 

One 'pack' in his farm contains 20 mobs with multiple bosses, LTs, and even an elite boss.


Yet one 'pack' in my outdoor farm (same map) contains around 12 mobs, 3 of which are LTs and one is a boss. These packs seems to be spread out a little more than in Brigg's outdoor farm too.


Can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.



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