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Is there a best AT/build for badging?

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As the title says, I am interesting in making a character specifically for collecting badges, but it has been ages since I tried to collect badges. I remember (vaguely) one set of badges required you to heal a lot of people, so I assume I want an AT combo that can heal others, and of course travel/stealth. Any suggestions?

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With incarnate powers you can heal/buff/ etc.  so that solves most of those issues. It might take a while but that is badging isnt it


i am running my first ‘badger’. Just started. Its a Tank. I doubt i will get close to all badges. My goal is the 1500 range. I have 200 but i just started him a couple weeks ago and i am slow leveling him for story arcs. Just cruise control gaming

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Like Snarky said the Rebirth Destiny incarnate will let you pick up the healing badges so you don't really need any particular archetype to collect all the badges. (Joining MSRs and spamming Rebirth got me the first three heal badges in just a couple of months. It can certainly be done faster if you're really active.) That said, obviously having healing powers as you level up makes for a nice head start on getting the badges,


Aside from that, stealth and flight will help you get exploration badges more easily. Stealth also lets you speed through a number of badge missions. If you don't want to spend a pool pick on flight, just grab a jetpack from P2W or by Firebase Zulu. Good AoE damage is very helpful when it comes to the various defeat X badges though, again, the Judgement Incarnate lets any AT have a strong AoE attack.

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The "best AT" is probably going to be the one you enjoy playing the most. I realize that sounds like a lame "feel good" answer, but tbh, some content is NOT worth slogging through (sometimes multiple times) unless it's a character you really enjoy playing. I mean, take the crafting and selling badges. You're gonna be staring at your character's unmoving backside and the system interfaces a LOT while you grind those out, and you're gonna lose a lot of INF doing so, so you better get ready to refill your coffers with a quick TF or farming session after! Also, if you have to exemplar and lose half your powers, you want to make sure you can actually complete certain missions without too much trouble.


That said, I'd probably either avoid a Brute/Tank, OR, be prepared to farm out damage taken/mezzed/debt badges, because if you're not getting hit and held and killed in the course of normal play, you're probably not getting those badges! Though I will say that their higher base HP will make farming the damage taken badges much easier than, say, on a Controller, so it wouldn't be too bad.

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My main badge hunter right now is my blaster, Voltor


My casual hunters include a Mastermind, tank, pb and ws with more to come at a later date.


The heal badges, use the incarnate Rebirth Destiny to get heal badges or the old arena method still works too.


badges for damage received can be gained the slow way or by farming.  Same with damage inflicted upon enemies.


Money badges: run farms


Badges that may take a few runs to get: incarnate trials and the no Defeat Master badges in the TF's


There really is no "best" AT to get all the badges with. Any AT can do it, but some power set combos may make it easier then others.


The only badges that you need to jump on immediately to get are the Holiday events and special anniversary badges

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