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Name: Oasis

Alignment: Hero

Roleplay Friendly: Yes

Recruitment Officer: @GENI (in game global)


Recruitment Message:


Oasis was created when a group of rogues got in over their heads and turned themselves in to longbow after a bombing in Faultline.


Deep six cut a deal and spent a few days clearing monsters off islands in Peregrine Island as penance. He found the Oasis and claimed it for himself and his friends to restart their lives. A group that would help people support the little guys

Over time, the complex was excavated from the dormant volcano. Pools and hot tubs built. The group dwindled and rather than fighting in the street for their cause, they became a place to escape from the chaos and turmoil.


The Oasis is looking for new recruits! We are a resort with that is home to a team of Super Heroes.  We are a RP/PvE super group that is looking for friendly, team orientated players! We accept both new and old players. We hold a weekly event night where the whole server is welcomed to our club. We also run weekly RP TF's! All origins welcome, Oasis is the home to those that don't have a home.



Come on by and fall in love with your new home at Oasis-3471


https://discord.gg/87fRuNz (Discord Link)

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From the distant year of 3060, FUTUREMAN, an adventurer unmatched, with the aid of his time-traveling space-station GERNSBACHER, explores the continuum to cultivate a crew of able-bodied adventurers, honorable heroes and madcap mystics - THE TRAVELERS GUILD! - to defend humanity - not just throughout space, but through all of time!
However! - after a catastrophic chronological failure, the GERNSBACHER is now stranded in orbit above PARAGON CITY! This must mean only one thing - a threat is looming on the horizon which threatens the whole of the continuum! Can FUTUREMAN and his TRAVELERS GUILD hope to put an end to this mysterious mayhem? Find out!


Theme/Era: 1930s & 1940s Pulp & Golden Age of Comics Heroes

Redside/Blueside: Blueside


Recruitment Message:


We are a narrative driven, theme focused roleplaying supergroup founded on the characters, stories and artwork of the 1930’s & 1940’s era Pulp Magazines (as well as its predecessors the Penny Dreadfuls & Dime Novels) and Comic Books (known as the Golden Age of Comics). We're here to tell fun, engaging stories full of the tropes found in our favorite era of adventures!
We are still new, and establishing ourselves, but the core foundation is laid & we're looking for other people eager to take part in helping us tell this chronicle! You can reach out to me here on the forum for me details, but the easier way to reach out to us is on our discord!
Once you're there, check the #announcements channel for everything you need to know, & the #storyline-discussion channel for everything you want to know!

You can also reach out to either our leader & narrative director or myself in-game.
@LazuliBunting (him)

@FD (me)

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The Protectorate is a large, highly active, heavy RP supergroup, and we're looking to add new members to our roster!


We put a lot of focus on storytelling, and giving our members the tools to get involved, or tell their own stories if they wish!  Heavily inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe, we are always looking toward our next big adventure, and how we can shake up the status quo.


In Character, The Protectorate is based out of the top floors of the largest skyscraper on Peregrine Island, known as the Monolith.  From their headquarters, they work closely with Portal Corp, providing security and regularly assisting expeditions into new dimensions.  They also patrol the city, stopping threats and looking for opportunities to inspire hope among the citizens.


The Protectorate believes that a hero must not only inspire the people to be brave, true, and strong but to stand for what is right. They should be willing to lay down their very lives to protect it, and find strength in being a symbol others aspire to be. A member of the Protectorate isn't merely looking for the next bad guy to arrest, their goal is to bring hope and community to a world that should feel a little brighter. Even in the darkest of times, what good is saving the city, if those we save have no hope?



Everlasting server

Main Characters: Vigilance, Firelight, Chameleon

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DISCORD: https://discord.gg/GGqm3Q9
- major Radikov
- captain Girard

42nd division of the Arachnos military is based in the deep Tangle tower's undergrounds. Unquestionable loyalty to Arachnos, division's major and Lord Recluse Himself are the core values of 42nd division troops, which are expected to always be followed. Any unit classes are free to enlist. 42nd division's duties are gathering military information, worldwide quick response assault operations and Tangle tower administration. The earlier you enlist, the bigger your chances are for the quick promotions within 42nd division's hierarchy!



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NAME: Infiltrators/The Rebel's Helm
ALIGNMENT: Vigilante/Hero
SERVER: Everlasting
RECRUITMENT OFFICERS: Ballistic Witch (@lady skald)




RECRUITMENT MESSAGE (message is seen as a flyer posted on university campus in Steel Canyon, Croatoa, Founder's Fall and Cap au Diab, as well as various locations such as Pocket D, The Midnighters' Club, Paragon Dance Party, Atlas Park City Hall)


Looking for an exciting job in a tropical location? Then the Rebel's Helm Tavern is for you! Located on the northern tip of the Bermuda Triangle, the Rebel's Helm is part of a small chain of islands.  The Rebel's Helm is a traditional Irish pub, so those with experience in the restaurant industry are encouraged to apply.  Cooks, bartenders, waiters and waitresses are needed.  Grand opening will be soon.  Housing will be provided.  Contact Alysia McBride for more information about this opportunity.


(those with magical affinity will notice there are two enchantments on the flyer, one seems to be playing Rupert Holmes' Escape to the person reading the flyer which is heard by anyone, magical affinity or not.  The other enchantment is only sensed by those with magical abilities and a deep knowledge of the arcane.  Those people would get a second message in the flyer.)


Let's be real.  The Rebel's Helm is a front.  I need partners in recovery and reclamation of magical objects from those who would happen to have nefarious purposes.  I contract out to the Midnighters, but I also take side jobs, and even go out based on rumours.  I need allies willing to help in recovering magical items.  What happens to those items is to be determined upon retrieval.  Should this be of interest to you, contact me, Alysia McBride, a.k.a. the Ballistic Witch.  We can meet in Talos Island harbour and travel to the Highwayman's Rock where the Rebel's Helm is located.

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SG Name: The Revenants 


RP/RP Friendly: No


Theme/Era: Villains, demonic, undead, multiverse or alt verse evil...if its evil its us.


Redside/Blueside: Redside predominantly although we do TFs often and badging on blueside. Wednesday is Praetoria day. One member @Killroy does alot of PI pugs.


Recruitment Message: we originally all came from Triumph with our VG there. We hosted costume contests and base raids back in the day often.


Our leader was Blood Horn, unfortunately Greg passed a few years ago he normally did all the recruiting lol.


So I've posted in the Reconnect >Triumph thread but if you used to be on live, are an older player or an old soul who misses the camaraderie of that time then get a hold of one of us. Our youngest member is in their late 30s and our oldest is late 50s, we have a group on FB to share info, and a teamspeak server.


We are adults and have adult humor, we are from all walks of life, we welcome couples as me and my wife play, and occasionally some members now grown kids play. We do TF'S SFs, badging, farming, some pvp (just getting started again), content, etc. There are 6 of us total with some of us on almost daily to some that play only on weekends. 


We are all adults and have jobs and families so we play mostly on weekends, Friday nights occasionally, Wednesday evenings, and I usually am on in afternoons and evenings daily.

We ask for no drama, no politics, and tolerate no racism. 

So get a hold of





If you're interested and hope to talk to you soon.

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SG Name: Twilight Legion
RP/RP Friendly:  Mid-Heavy RP; RP only (New to RP?  You are welcome here!)
Theme/Era: Avengers/JLA Style
Redside/Blueside:  Blueside


Recruitment Officer(s): 

Legion (IG: @bodyofstraw, Discord: Evulherb#5838)
Mobius (IG: @Sixpence, Discord: Phoenice#1548)



Recruitment Message:




Are you a person of extraordinary abilities or powers?  Do you believe in using your skills to protect peace and uphold justice?  Twilight Legion is looking for new and veteran heroes and heroines to join us in the fight against villainy.




Twilight Legion is an Avengers style SG.  We don't call ourselves "Earth's Mightiest Heroes", but we do try our best!  We are a legally sanctioned group that works with different law enforcement agencies to help keep Paragon City, and the world, safe from villains - from the friendly neighborhood arachnid-like person to those who like to punch giant killer mechs into orbit.


The most important part of the group is who you are and the story you want to tell.  We like personal arcs and playing to character growth.  We love characters that aren't perfect and bring their skeleton filled closets and imperfections.  We encourage a variety of concepts but prefer ‘comic book serious'.


Discord:  https://discord.gg/U6fuwRN9NY

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SG Name:  The Red Page Registry

RP/RP Friendly:  Mid-Heavy RP, RP Newbies welcome!

Theme/Era:  Money driven/Mercenaries

Redside/Blueside:  Rogue/Vigilante/Villain

Recruitment Officers:  Hailey Comet (@BlitzBunny)


Recruitment Message:  Getting a well paying gig can be tricky, you've got to know a guy who knows a guy, or you've got to make a name for yourself to catch the eye of the right people.  The Red Page Registry is a database of the finest money-driven individuals in the world, it's the go to resource for people with money who want dirty deeds done right, and the Registry's rules stop any sort of backstabbing.

If you want to get your name out there so you can earn the big bucks then The Red Page Registry is the right place for you.  Remember:  Red makes the Green.


OOC:  The Red Page Registry is a new SG that aims to cater to characters that want to earn money, it doesn't matter if they're tech, magic, science, or whatever, money is the real driving force.

We have a great base designed by the very talented Dr. Robinson and we're eager to get some active people onboard so we can have some fun RP!


Discord:  https://discord.gg/6QTWN35

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Name: The Paragon Kings

Alignment: Hero

Roleplay: Not mandatory but definitely RP friendly

Recruitment Officers: Gracelander (@owl) and Spirit of the King (@Deus-Zero)

Recruitment Message: Are you an Elvis themed hero? If so, we want you! Elvis impersonators, Elvis clones, Elvis robots, or any other Elvis themed heroes are welcome!

The Paragon Kings is a young, no pressure Supergroup looking for more Elvises. Our Graceland themed base has all of the standard amenities, plus a concert hall and stage equipped for small events, fun screenshots, and rp hangouts (plus more base love coming down the line).
Go on. Make an Elvis. You know you want to.


paragon kings.png

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SG  Name: The Family

RP Friendly: Yes

Theme/era: Psychedelic, Surreal 

Red/Blue: Grey/both


Recruitment message:

     The Family is a psychedelic/surreal themed SG, we encourage roleplaying but welcome both RP and NonRP players.  Please contact Mr.Sunshine if interested in joining or seeing our place. Even if you already have an sg you are welcome to stop by, our members and those who've visited have all stated how much they enjoy the base, which has many "hidden" in base teleporters/easter eggs(if it looks cool, you can probably click on it) and a large tower house.  Thank you and I hope you have a good rest of your day!

Peregrine Island 12_9_2020 11_00_53 PM.png


Peregrine Island 12_9_2020 10_49_06 PM.png

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SG Name:  Grace Academy

RP/RP Friendly:  Medium to Heavy RP

Theme:/Era:  Super School for students ages 10-25, and teachers of any age.

Alignment:  Hero

Motto:  “The easy way is rarely the right way.”

Discord:  https://discord.gg/BjqpVRWsJM

Recruitment Message:

IC:  The Grace Academy was formed by Gloria “Grace” Harris just after the turn of the century.  She originally created it as a small orphanage to help young meta humans.  For several years she tirelessly worked both to help her young wards as well as advocate for rights for meta youth.  For several years she managed with just donations from local companies and people who appreciated the selfless work she was performing.  After a generous grant from the FBSA, Grace was able to purchase a small island just off the coast of Peregrine Island, which included an old tower fortress.   It was here that she expanded the Academy to an actual school, admitting not only those with nowhere to go, but also those that wanted an education catered to people with abilities.

Grace staffed the school largely with current and retired heroes, people who knew from experience what the students were going through, who could be examples and were best equipped to help guide and teach them.  Whether students aspire to become heroes themselves or just seek an education, the goal is the same:  to help them learn to control and use their powers responsibly and ethically.

OOC:  Grace Academy is an SG for both student characters of a wide range (ages 10-25), and teachers and other staff characters.  Think a bit of “Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters” blended with “Hogwarts” and a dash of “Sky High.”  We are very much an RP group, both in game and on Discord, and our goal is to provide our members with the platform and tools to help them tell their own stories.  SG leadership will occasionally provide plots for members to participate in, but largely we are looking for players with the motivation to create and share their own ideas; our RP is very much a collaborative effort.  We will also be running regular in-game events, including IC mission arcs, TFs, and focused RP sessions.

We are currently recruiting both student and staff characters, so if you’re interested, please come to our Discord and check us out!

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Name: The Ultra Fight Pals

Alignment: Any

Roleplay Friendly: Yes

Recruitment Officer: @Toasty Retinas

Shard: Everlasting

Recruitment Message:


The Ultra Fight Pals is an ambitious pop culture crossover supergroup accepting homages to Video Games, as well as anime, animation and pop culture as a whole!

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Group Name: Black Hand Society

Alignment: Rogue

Roleplay: Medium to Heavy RP, Roleplayers Only

Discord: https://discord.gg/2HKE4hrThj

Recruitment Officer: @Horrorfrost

Recruitment Message: The Black Hand Society is the Rogue Isles’ latest band of blue-collar supervillains out to rob the world instead of destroying it. Headquartered out of the Hideout Bar in Cap Au Diable, BHS is an alliance of meta-human criminals and mercenaries who operate under the protection of the mysterious Investor, all the while plundering the Isles and Paragon City!

OOC the Black Hand Society seeks to inject new life into Redside with regular teams running game content and AE Arcs. We encourage player run content, run Strike Forces every Wednesday, and run regular Crime Sprees, Rogue teams running missions on blue-side roleplayed as heists! Advancement opportunities are available to those who get involved!





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Hoping this is the right thread to ask. Veteran player but pretty much entirely new RP’er looking for a SG home for my main. I’m very active, playing pretty much every night, and would like a similarly active SG if possible. 

Would also probably need a bit of hand-holding initially from a RP POV 🙈

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@jkwak  It's a cool concept. 


My condolences for the loss of your leader and to all of her friends and SG mates.  Here's hoping her E.T. Enclave will remain a haven of safety and home-away-from-home to all of those wanderers from far planets and strange dimensions.  🙏 

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On 4/16/2021 at 7:20 PM, Grindingsucks said:

@jkwak  It's a cool concept. 


My condolences for the loss of your leader and to all of her friends and SG mates.  Here's hoping her E.T. Enclave will remain a haven of safety and home-away-from-home to all of those wanderers from far planets and strange dimensions.  🙏 

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back to the Zukunft

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The Infiltrators has made a massive change!




Name: Infiltrators

Alignment: Hero/Vigilante

Roleplay Friendly: Yes

Recruitment Officer: @lady skald (in game global)


Recruitment Message:


The Lady Luck Resort and Casino is a stylish and warm place to go for a great holiday getaway.  Seven bungalows overlook the North Sea.  The island is situated right in the middle of the North Sea with England and Scotland to the west, Denmark and Norway to the east and Germany to the south east.  The casino itself is open to all forms of games of chance, from black jack to roulette to poker and baccarat.  There's even slot machines for those one arm bandits.


For a great vacation getaway, try your luck, with the Lady Luck.


((the SG is also home to a Leverage style group that plans, formulates and executes heists.  The casino is a front to allow members a chance to extract information, or even talk to clients.  Currently looking for masterminds, grifters, hitters, hackers and thieves.  This group is lead by Ballistic Witch/Alysia McBride, herself a professional thief.  Should anyone fall into one of those five categories, the Infiltrators would be very interested in you.


The group's discord.



Base Passcode: LADYLUCK-13711))


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