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Random Crashes


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Since late October, I've been experiencing occasional random crashes with the Homecoming CoH 64 bit client, a few times a week.  Note that I have not tried the 32 bit client.  It started shortly after the October 23rd patch, so I thought that perhaps it had something to do with particle physics as the crashes were normally in intense action sequences in teams or leagues.  I tried lowering the number of particles, but I still got the occasional crash.  So I tried turning particle physics down from high to low.  Still got the occasional crash.  I re-validated in Tequila.  Still got the occasional crash.  Finally, last week, I completely disabled particle physics.  Yesterday, I got a crash, and again tonight I got a crash.



At this point I'm not sure what it is going on.  As I said, particle physics is now completely disabled.  Before yesterday, all of the crashes were during combat in a large team or league.  Yesterday though was weird.  I finished a Rikti mothership raid LFG trial a few minutes ago, and zoned.  Once I zoned, I started rubberbanding like crazy, every few seconds.  I double checked my connection, and it was fine.  The traceroute looked good, and I had no lag while web browsing.  A few minutes later, the game crashed.


Tonight, I was on a full team, but we weren't in combat.



Here's the crash dump from last night:






Here's the crash dump from tonight:





I'm using Windows 8.1 Pro.  The system has 16 GBs of RAM with a Nvidia 980 video card.  I'm using two monitors, with CoH normally played on the second monitor in borderless windowed mode.

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TBH, it still feels GFX like you've been aiming, but could also be the RAM. I'd start with Safe Mode -> x86 with minimal GFX and step up on thing at a time. Annoying as hell, but it's a process. Other obvious things like shutting down anything you don't need to test for something writing to RAM it shouldn't be and a HDD health test.

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