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Report Zone Geometry Errors Here!

GM Widower

Message added by GM Arcanum,

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Zone/Mission: Firebase Zulu

Position: [-849.1 588.6 3333.6]


A pile of rubble floating mid-air, on a sloped ground





Zone/Mission: Firebase Zulu

Position: [2387.8 856.2 2601.8]


Another instance elsewhere in the zone




Zone/Mission: Firebase Zulu

Position: [-849.4 588.6 3333.7]





Zone/Mission: Peregrine Island

Position: [-875.6 -0.0 -2375.8]


A longstanding and a funny one, the texture on this window is reversed



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This was funny to notice. The power lines east of Steel Canyon's southern tram just end due south of Wentworth's. No pole to hold them or anything. Just floating there in mid-air. Position: [-3459.4 -0.5 2498.9]

Magic Cables.JPG

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Pretty sure i've reported this before, but just in case.


Zone/Mission: St. Martial

Position: [-303.4 4.9 892.1]


Exiting the sewer mission door at this location places you into the ground and prevents you from moving until you jump.


Currently playing on Indomitable as @Zork Nemesis; was a Protector native on live.

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In Kallisti Wharf, the door to enter the building on the island in the center looks like this:



Unless I look at it straight-on instead of at an angle. Then, it looks like this:




The entire doorframe's gone, leaving the doors. This still stays gone when the doors open so I can enter:



Pinnacle refugee. Powers and math guy.

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1 hour ago, BillyMailman said:

In Kallisti Wharf, the door to enter the building on the island in the center looks like this:

I also discovered that that door spawns invisible trick-or-treat mobs during the Halloween event. Looks like it has several problems.

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Zone/Mission: Skyway City

Position: [2815.2 -0.0 -2292.5]

Phones sunk into the ground





Zone/Mission: Perez Park

Position: [-2934.8 0.0 1034.0]


Another instance of the flipped window texture that's been around since probably the game launch. Still amusing.



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I don't know for sure this is a geometry problem, but given what happened, I'm betting it is.


On the final mission of the Paths of the Dark, I rescued Bentley Berkely from a raised platform in the cave. He turned and ran off the platform towards my character, and promptly disappeared when he got to the floor like he just fell through. Map and coordinates of where my character was are:


 Server: Everlasting

Zone/Mission: Caves_60_Layout_07_03

Position: [-63.6 -127.8 1488.1]


He disappeared somewhere around those coordinates. Sorry I can't be more precise.

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Munitions Mastery rifle ammo animation adjust

Have a Lvl 50 mutation blaster Red Dirt Tanner on Excelsior, Dual Pistols & Ninja Training

Munitions Mastery Epic pool > Cryo Freeze Ray (screenshot 2) and LRM Rocket powers (screenshot 1)

The ammo appears to incorrectly exit the rifle about 4ft to the right of my toon when I have these Munitions rifles fitted: Crey Laser Rifle (both screenshots), Legacy Merc. Assault Weapon, Nemesis Rifle 2, Council Sub-Machine Gun.

The ammo appears to exit correctly from: Tommy Gun, Forbidden Carbine

The above are the only Munitions rifles I tested.

Occurs regardless of zone, mish, live/brainstorm. Powers still work as designed, the animation is just a bit off.

(Was going to enter this under the Costume section but didn't find anything regarding power animations in there.)



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Something is wrong with this, that raver...he looks uncomfortable.  +1 Are the skuls or frat boys dragging in old couches from the dump or something? Nice to know the club can't afford decent furniture, the cement blocks are a nice touch.

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Buddy the Elf makes debut for HUB Late Night


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Zone: Cap Au Diable
Location: University, South Building [633.4 118.0 -1266.4]


This Midnighter texture/connector block seems to be applied in the wrong place? The entrance to the Midnighter Club is on the North Building - if anything it should be there.


Image 1 - Incorrect Block?




Image 2: Where it is supposed to be? [650 44.9 -1582.5]




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Unless someone comes up with a way to jump through the gap, I don't see that it's going to make a bit of difference, but there is a structural misalignment on the front of all the hospital buildings in Paragon City. There are three-sided extensions on the left and right sides of the front of the building, and the right one (as you're looking at the building) is misaligned, being shifted downward slightly. You can see the texture offset below, where the two planes join toward the right of the image:




By itself, this is just a curiosity, except that this greebly is just the three sides; it has no back. As a result, it leaves a gap on the underside of the overhang where it is shifted down:




Because this is a tiny enough gap, and far enough away from spawns that, even should someone find a way to get inside that part of the building geometry, being able to shoot out through its surface wouldn't get them anything, I don't think that anything needs to be done to correct this error.

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I found some floating tree leaves in 'Eden' at /thumbtack -2609.0 -29.4 3101.6 that can only be seen by a few angles, usually angles that are underneath them/below their y level.



Another group of floating leaves at /thumbtack -2331.7 -0.5 4031.4 as well.


In Cap Au Diable, I found some ground that is raised up and separated from the rest, right below the tree stump in the picture (maybe little hard to see) /thumbtack -1955.7 161.1 -1851.7 


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The tree at the southwest end of the bridge across the lake in Atlas Park [1268.0 42.0 -267.5] is suffering from a highly-accelerated turn of the seasons, with all of its leaves having fallen completely off while still holding their relative positions as they were on the tree (update: the tree just off the NE end of the bridge at [1128.9 42.0 -1155.2] also displays the same aberrant leaf loss):



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Excelsior - POakes - Fort Hades  -3700.9 226.0 -1699.1 they're spawning partially into the floor, sometimes if you do move near them. you can push your self just a bit below the floor as well. 



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added 2nd screnshot
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