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Free, royalty-free "sign" stick figures?


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You know those standard stick figure characters that are used on signage, like public restrooms, wet floor signs, etc.? Does anybody know if those are freely and publicly available for use? And available (legally) online?


I was inspired by those amusing "taking care of baby" cartoons that illustrate the correct way, and a hilariously incorrect way, to perform various baby-care tasks. They gave me an idea for a CoH "Emergency Guide for Paragon Civilians" illustrating  what to do and what not to do when their workplace is invaded by villains, or when they're personally taken hostage by villains. I want to base it upon the silly behaviors I see from hostages after I've rescued them, and the random "panicked civilians" racing around the mission maps.


For example, showing a room with a group of villains on one side, and a clearly marked EXIT on the other side. In the center would be a standing figure representing a hero, a prone figure representing an unconscious villain, and a running figure representing the hostage. In the first panel, labeled with a big "YES", the civilian would be shown running toward the exit. The second panel, labeled "NO" would show the civilian running toward the group of villains. Another one would show a hero and villain locked in combat. The "YES" panel would show the civilian running past the two combatants; the "NO" panel would show the civilian trying to squeeze between them.


I can't draw, but I'm pretty good at stitching existing pictures together in Photoshop (I used to design desktop wallpaper collages as a hobby), and think those "official" stick figures would be perfect for my idea.

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