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Homecoming Screenshots Thread

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Hello, friends


I was looking around and noticed that there is no dedicated thread for posting sweet Homecoming screenshots. The Screenshots of Yore thread is really awesome, however it pertains specifically to moments captured during the game's past life, and I thought it would be cool to have a place to share images of our new experiences


I'll start it off: I was greeted by this striking scene immediately upon exiting a PI mission two nights ago; I swap cel shading on and off every once in a while, but I was very glad that it happened to be on on this occasion :]




Looking forward to seeing all the amazing stuff that you're seeing!

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This is my current desktop wallpaper, taken in Grandeville while running the hero morality mission, "One Good Spider".


EDIT: It was nice to get a sunset that wasn't filtered through the war walls.




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EDIT: This is actually sort of a copy of a screenshot I made in WoW, with my draenei fire mage standing in front of a wall of fire inside the Sunwell raid, saying, "What? It was like that when I got here!" (imagine it in an indignant Eastern European accent). Alas, I can't find that one. It's probably over on my Mac.

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Ajda (Windwhispered) gets punchy...



Sunset in Grandville



Silver and Semnai's life is occasionally electrifying






It's all fun and games until you get mobbed by monkeys....



A Silver-shaped hole in space



Xhelethe was not impressed by Infernal ("He is not a real demon," she says. "He is not even from the Abyss.")



She doesn't think much of the Council, either.



A real fixer-upper, but it has a great view...



… and my base, the Sanctum of Shadows, in flowered-up "Wedding Party mode".



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Taker of screenshots. Player of creepy Oranbegans and Rularuu bird-things.

Kai's Diary: The Scrapbook of a Sorcerer's Apprentice

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Coyotedancer - for some reason, all of your pictures showed up in the e-mail alert, but all I'm seeing here is file names.


EDIT: On further review, it appears that Firefox is identifying the hosting you're using as a potential security risk. Probably just temporary.

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