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Homecoming Screenshots Thread

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1 hour ago, Dynamo-Joe said:

Yo Boss! Time to wake up and roll-out!


I'm actually really impressed with this, I could've sworn they repainted all of those semi-truck assets. Great screenshot and character costume as well!

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Peregrine Island during Rikti Invasions is something else.  That green skyline is just ominous.




A random Hellion found his way into City Hall.  I assume he wanted to file a complaint with the city representative, but isn't sure what to say without being arrested.




Beam Rifle lends itself to some awesome poses with the way the idle animation keeps the weapon at the ready.




Instant Snowstorm messes up Croatoa's eerie fog, by removing it.  The zone is definitely strange without it.




Digging deep in my screenshot folder, here's a leftover screenshot from the New Year's party on Indomitable.





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