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Making Kinetic Melee Work

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8 hours ago, Snarky said:

I have the character at 39 now and just did the first major respec. Threw on about 2/3 of its final i/o build. I am liking it. I made the toon. Very weird and the wavy arm thing is just hilariously stupid. Then the race car noises and a crapton of damage. 

when i say weird i mean weird. I took a robot using almost the bulkiest pieces i could find. I put a brain in a jar head on it.  I used the Large Body build and then made it as wide as possible in every slider. Then i made it as short as possible on every slider. Oh, it looks odd. Then having it doing its wavy arm madness and knocking enemies down everywhere. Very nice. Of course i proc’d the cone to KD. Threw a lot of winter and brute sets along with unbreakabke guard a 6set Aegis. All the usual procs and globals.  Cost a ton (raided my base and spent everything i earned from 3 synapses lol). I can see at 50 its going to be a beast.  Glad to add it to my stable of odd toons. But i could never take KM on a regular Brute.  Maybe in some weird CoT ripoff melee mage

So in live, I never really used IOs. I fussed around but didn’t really consider sets, set bonuses, or the like. I just put what I though would help on.


This time around, I’m putting a lot of thought into how I’m kitting out this character. Put my first IO set on (I like seeing set bonuses in my personal info tab 😊 ); the whole kinetic combat set on body blow. Hoowee it was a noticeable change and that power hits HARD now.


I’m really loving kinetic melee the more I play it. Actually was playing another character last night but switched back to Safehouse because KM/EA has been too fun to ignore!! It is a shame that it doesn’t get a bit more love.

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