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Contacts Review 5-10: Henry Peter Wong, Paco Sanchez, Vic Johansson


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Henry Peter Wong

Lvl 5-10, Rating D


Overall this was not fun. 3 street sweeping missions and one door mission that was no better than a radio mission. And spread out across Atlas, KR, and PP.


Stop Vahz from Stealing Bodies → Defeat Boneshear

A lot of body bags to click on that don't do anything, confusing. Mission was decent sized. Basically a radio mission with confusing corpses.


Could call after returning from first mission


Perez Park Security Chief

Defeat 10 CoT in PP

Shockingly easy. Ran past big spawns of Hellions into maze of trees. First spawn was all guards. Needed 2 more, pulled them and not the boss nearby. Used base teleport to go back to atlas.


Go to KR to stop Vahz kidnappings – defeat 10 vahz in KR

Gave me names of areas to find vahz. Cannot find the place names on a dark map.

Vahz right by tram, but higher level. Lowest is 9 and I am 7. At first I can fight them by using my inspirations. Those run out and I have to defeat 1 or 2 and run to tram and rest. Run in and defeat last 1 and embalmed blows up and defeats me. Kind of fun but frustrating.


Defeat 10 vahz on street in Atlas

easy once I find them.


Cannot get next mission because it is level 9.


Got to level 9 and he has no more missions because of my level.



Paco Sanchez

Lvl 5-10, Rating D


Overall this was lame. 2 door missions which were just like radio missions. Then a whole series of street sweeping.


Introduced to him and could call him from the start


Arrest Hell Storm – Hellion boss in KR

Straight forward mission, just like a radio mission but in a different zone


Recover the Jewel of Hera from CoT in KR

Big map, ended in the tiered room. Was just like a radio mission.


Defeat 10 hellions

defeated them in Atlas, dumb but easy


Defeat 10 CoT in KR

Found on KR roof – easy with jump pack. And I knew they would be there.


Another defeat 10 CoT

same as before


Defeat 20 hellions in PP

used base portal to PP.

Higher level than hellions so could take the large groups


Could not get more missions until level 9 – just needed to train


Get to level 9 and he is out of jobs.



King's Row

Vic Johansson

Levels 5-10, Rating: F


One fun door mission. Then a lot of street sweeping, including one too far above my level.


Find Missing Homeless People

Rescue 3 hostages from the Lost. In sewers. Large room, then it split – found all 3 without exploring all of it. Rescuing each triggered an ambush. Had to run 860 yards to the mission and back. Mission was nice overall.


Could call after returning from first mission


Talk to security chief – defeat 10 skulls


Defeat 10 lost to collect blood samples

No lost my level – had to leave


get to lvl 9. Have trouble finding Lost but complete it


Another defeat 10 Lost in KR.  Easy because I am right there with them.


Out of missions

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