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PvP Event! HUGE PRIZES! Sign up with two friends! Jan 25th, 6PM EST! Indom server! All experience levels welcome!

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Hey, everyone!

We're going to kick off this year with an improved version of the event we ran toward the end of last year.
-Sign up with a team of 3 people
-Randomly pair up with other teams of 3 people and face off against other team combos in 6v6 matches
-Round robin style preliminary round, this time with a finals structure afterward
*Members of the winning team will receive AT LEAST 1000 merits each.
*Second place finishers will receive at least 500 merits each.
*Finalists will receive at least 300 merits each.
*Those who don't win anything above will qualify for raffle prizes of 2-300 merits.
The number of raffles and merit prizes will increase depending on the number of signups - there isn't a set rate for that, though. It really just comes down to: if more of you sign up, I have an easier time asking for more stuff.
This event will take place on the INDOMITABLE server on SATURDAY, JANUARY 25th, at 6:00 PM EASTERN time!
-Matches will be 10 minutes, 6v6
-ARCHETYPE LIMIT 2 (as in no more than two on your combined 6 person team). Keep this in mind when signing up, try to be flexible if possible.
-No heal decay, no travel suppression, small insps only
-Only one person on your team can be using a variation of taunt
-Alpha incarnate only
-Minimum xp level 50
-Poison is limited to one per team (your combined 6 person team)
-No "barcode" names
-Banned powers:
--Electrified Net Arrow

--Stalker Zapp

--Steam Jump

--Anniversary Jump Pack thing from p2w


Map Pool: Randomly selected and announced at the start of each round robin round.








Signing up

-Sign up by posting your teams here, or pming me your team (@S) on the PvP discord (which I will then post here).

-Sign ups should contain the most commonly known alias of the player, maybe a commonly used global or two, or your PvP discord alias (there's no limit to how many accounts or characters each player can sign up, and you don't need to write them all down - you're essentially just signing up a player). If you're not in the PvP discord, it's a great place to be! Here's the join link: https://discord.gg/ACfXPxK

-Feel free to advertise in this thread or on the discord (or almost anywhere) as a free agent if you don't have partners. 


All experience levels welcome, obviously! See you there!

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what if I don't need a team..


"Homecoming is not perfect but it is still better than the alternative.. at least so far" - Unknown  (Wise words Unknown!)


Sooo.. I guess I am taking a non-voluntary break until November?!


Si vis pacem, para bellum

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20 hours ago, Troo said:

what if I don't need a team..


Were this a 3v3 event I guess I’d consider  letting you join without a team, but it’s a 6v6 event where you pair up with another team of three, so I can’t allow you to sign up solo since it would be at the expense of the other three players you get teamed with. 

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