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Crimson and story arc question


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I am interested in Crimson's story arc, Project World Wide Red



I have my level 50 and did not have him for a contact, so I ran radio missions until I was introduced to Crimson.


Crimson gave me the mission "6.1 Stop the Malta Group raid on the Crey science facility" series of missions which I completed, and now he is offering "6.2 Extract the Circle of Thorns informant"


Will he eventually offer the story arc? 


I understand this is available via Orobourus, but I'm hoping just to have the story arc as a normal arc where friends can join in for the later mission with the big bot. I've always been a bit confused as to how the contact system functions.


Thanks for any helpful responses.


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He'll offer the Story Arc sooner or later. I had to run what felt like half the list last time I ran it. A lot of his list is actually a series of min-arcs so if you take one he'll only offer those missions until you complete them.  


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Bear in mind also that you can only have a limited number of open story arcs.  Check for the book icon on any of your old remaining contacts...if you're at the cap (which IIRC, is 5), Crimson will never give you his arc until you go back and finish one of the open ones.

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on the char in questioned, I obtained Crimson via newspaper missions/detective contact referral. never did Indigo.


As was advised, I kept plugging away with Crimson and eventually was given World Wide Red and got to enjoy the Malta story that involved the shapeshifter Moment as well as the Kronos Titan. I was ready for the ambush and had some fine heros from LFG channel come pay a visit during the GM ambush mission. We all got a nice badge.

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10 hours ago, Queen Nefertiti said:

You don't need Indigo for Crimson. If I recall correctly she's a level 45 contact.

Weird. I could have sworn her arc completion was needed for the introduction . 


Guess that means I can stop running her on every character I suspect I may want to run Crimson on then 😀


Thanks for the heads up and happy hunting. 


Oh yeah...she is a 40-44 contact. Great fun indeed. 

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