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Dual blades attack chain?


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During live, the top DB attack chain was BF-Ab-SS-Ab-repeat. Ab needed a massive amount of recharge to achieve it though. About +313% recharge for the chain to be seamless. It was a cool chain because of it's speed, it had double stacked BF buff after the first cycle. Also Ab and SS could both slot -damage resist procs.


Hecatomb set, boosted to +5, would give about +97% recharge. So global recharge should be about +216%. -70% for Hasten, +146% global recharge. Stuff like Spritual/Agility Alpha, Ageless Destiny would reduce that number even more. Crammed as much recharge as I could into a DB/Rad build, surpassed the target but the build looks like utter crap...


| Copy & Paste this data into Mids' Reborn : Hero Designer to view the build |

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I also have a DB/Rad scrapper, he just hit 41. I actually used the combos, though I have read there are more optimal sequences it just worked for me. The thing is the first 2 combos overlap and just vary by the 3rd move so it was easy to do this sequence:


Nimble Slash -> Ablating Strike -> Blinding Feint -> Nimble Slash -> Ablating Strike -> Typhoon's Edge*


* stick one of the P2W starter procs in here, the knockdown one. It's extremely nice mitigation.


Anyway rather than worry about global recharge as he was leveling, I just tried to even out the recharge as I needed to go so I could hit the combos I wanted. I ended up slotting Ablating Strike with the scrapper ATO set with the 50% chance of critical strikes proc since it's the lynchpin in 2 combos and the starter for a third. If I trigger critical strikes and I want to break the combo to use a better move, I just do but a lot of the time it's just perfect as is. 


Rad has a big hole to cold damage (as well as psi) so I made the very rare exception for me and did take tough and weave, and I'm using a lot of the winter sets for their cold defense bonuses. I also had the cash to buy several special IOs with defense bonuses and some +end IOs. Now the character feels like an unstoppable juggernaut and I play like a tank. I run through like 3 rooms of foes and duck around a corner and let them come to me as I chain Weaken and Attack Vitals chains back to back and punctuate it with the occasional Ground Zero or trigger my self heal. 

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