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On 2/26/2020 at 9:26 PM, MunkiLord said:

This is top on my wishlist. Personally I would rather this be done before any changes to any powers that would make me want to do a respec. The respec system was good enough before IOs I guess. But with IOs, it's simply terrible and a horrific user experience.

Agreed completely. 


Before IO's existed, I only had ONE character with Hami-O's, and even he didnt' have many. Everything else was SO's on every character.  So for the most part, I would drag up the handful of Hami-O's (if I had any) to the "don't kill me tray", and then let ALL my other SO's remain in the bottom bucket, where they would be automatically vendored, and then I'd just go visit Ghost Falcon and buy new SO's.


With IO's, they don't vendor anyway, and if they did, it still wouldn't be anywhere near what the AH would pay for them for, and the hassle of losing any of them and replacing them is very real. So it's very careful management and triple checking that yes, I do have everything saved off into one of my trays. 

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I now plan my characters from the beginning to avoid respecs, and when I discover my planning has been inadequate and I need to respec after all, I am crushed, and wind up putting it off for a long time.  I was just searching for suggestions like this before making my own thread, thank you.  I know resources are painfully limited bur this would be a a nice quality of life thing someday.

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Micro Repecs! Spend 10 merits at the vendor, and you can move one slot to another power. So you don't need to do a FULL RESPEC when, for example,  you discover you have enough global recharge to make Hasten perma with just two recharges instead of three.

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