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Really happy to say this is a thing now. Also sorry for no sound, didn't know it wasn't recording until it was already over.


The run was pretty straight forward. Kill the 60 IDF, nothing fancy there. Kill the Security Chief, again nothing really fancy there, but I did make sure to pop some reds to burn him after he healed. The next part was the fun part.


Normally teams would split and some go to the lab, and some to the warehouse, well that's kind of hard to do on a solo run. The idea was to get a couple in one, and then move to the other to grab a couple, getting a minute for every increment. Besides getting a little confused looking at the maps on paragonwiki, that went pretty well I would say.


Marauder at the end was a bit weird. I was dumb and forgot to use the Pacify nade when I jumped in the first time, so that was a quick death, and a waste of inspirations. Past that though, he died much quicker than I thought he would. His Unstoppable was a tad annoying, but its not perma so it was just a little hurdle is all. Lore pets probably could have been used earlier, instead of right at the end for 20 seconds, but you know hindsight and all that. All in all it was fun. I'm not sure if this has been done before, but I'm proud either way.


Special thanks to Corruption, Gers, and Precision for helping me start this up.

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