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Add Model Replacement Powers to P2W


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I'm talking about these guys: https://paragonwiki.com/wiki/Model_Replacement_Costume_Powers


For those who aren't familiar (And don't feel like clicking the link 😅), these powers basically let you run around looking like an enemy NPC.  They basically came in two categories: the temporary ones you got from the Halloween Trick-or-Treat event and the permanent ones you got at cons, won from forum contests, or bought from the Paragon Market.  They didn't grant any special abilities and didn't lock you out of your regular powers.  They were just fun little things to mess around with while you were chatting under Atlas or waiting to get rolling on a mission. 


I was a little surprised when I didn't see them at the P2W Vendor and I'd love to see them come back.  Maybe let players choose one for free and pay influence for additional ones.  Of course, to maintain the uniqueness of ToT, the powers granted exclusively by the event shouldn't be available for purchase.

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You wanna play Peacebringer?😒  Fine, but at least check out this guide first: Peacebringers STILL SUCK!!! (v. 1.1)

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