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How and Where to Hunt - Defeat Badge Guide

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The Basics of Hunting

A number of badges require you to kill a certain number of enemies. Most of these are listed as Defeat badges, although some are counted as Gladiator badges as well. There are a number of different strategies for getting hunting badges – street sweeping, farming specific missions, or getting the badges naturally through running content. Depending on the specific badge and your goal, the best option may be different. If you are specifically targeting a certain badge then farming specific missions or street sweeping are probably preferable, but if you are a generic badge collector, I’d focus on playing other content before targeting any specific badge.


For some badges, mainly the Praetorian hunt badges and Dark Astoria Incarnate-Level enemies, you receive more credit for defeating lieutenants and bosses, but for most badges, all enemies count equally. It’s also worth noting that you can track your progress in the badge tab, although for some of the Gladiator-only badges, like Mu Guardian, will not tell you what specific enemy you need to hunt, instead giving you a vague mystery description.




Apostate – Defeat 100 points worth of Incarnate-level Banished Pantheon


Every Dark Astoria arc except Max’s will have at least some, and since all the incarnate-level enemies have associated badges, the best move is to just run those arcs. If somehow you haven’t gotten this badge by the end of the Dream Doctor’s arc, Banished Pantheon are all over Dark Astoria.


Bane of Dannan – Defeat 333 Tuatha de Dannan


Running through the Croatoa story arcs at 0/x1 can easily get you halfway there or further as all the arcs except Buck Salinger have at least some. Start with that and then augment with hunts in The Misty Wood neighborhood in Croatoa as necessary. Aside from the Ghosts, this is probably the hardest of the Croatoa badges to get without sustained hunts or mission farming, but it’s not that bad - Tuatha are pretty abundant in the zone, if not in the story arc.


Banisher – Defeat 200 Banished Pantheon Spirit Masks


If you have the “Close the dimensional ruptures” mission from Unai Kemen, running that with a full team or max difficulty will get you a ton of progress, and you can even farm it if you want to. However, as that mission is not in a story arc, it can’t be accessed through Ouroboros and you need someone to get it naturally from Unai. For street sweeping, your best bet is Potter’s Field in Sharkhead Isle, which is also home to a number of other mobs that have hunt badges. You could also look in Moth’s Cemetery in Echo: Dark Astoria, but I’ve found that zone to be surprisingly disappointing. They also pop up in a few other places, like Talos Island or Bloody Bay, but Sharkhead superior.


Bladegrass – Defeat 300 Devouring Earth Bladegrasses, Razorvines, Blackroses, or Deathblossoms


These enemies are rather abundant – many arcs and task forces involve Devouring Earth and basically all Devouring Earth groups have some of these guys. I wouldn’t worry too much about this badge as you’ll likely get it pursuing other badges. For the devoted, Power Island in Independence Port is my personal favorite hunting ground, but Talos Island has a few nice hunting spots, and Eden can be good as well. If you are looking for missions, there are a number of Devouring Earth arcs available through Ouroboros – I haven't found any mission that only spawns these guys as opposed to other minions, but they seem to be the most common DE minion spawn.


Blindsider – Defeat 100 points worth of Seers


See Praetorian Enemy Addendum


Bonecrusher – Defeat 50 Skulls bosses


Perez Park is the way to go – they come out in droves in the Boneyard neighborhood. Kings Row exists as well, but it doesn't have the same boss spawns as Perez Park.


Buddy – Defeat 100 Hamidon Buds


These guys spawn after a successful Hamidon defeat. Generally somewhere between 8 and 15 spawn each time a full league takes down Hamidon. When this does happen, I suggest you try and get hits off on as many of them as possible – if no one on your specific team contributes to a kill of one, you won’t get credit. With some luck, you can get this one in about eight or nine Hami kills, but it could easily take more.


Cap Buster – Defeat 333 Red Caps


Running through the Croatoa missions and finishing with the Katie Hannon Task Force should get you most of the way there. If you do need to augment with hunts, stick to the northern part of Croatoa.


Cannibal – Defeat 100 points worth of Ghouls


See Praetorian Enemy Addendum


Castigator – Defeat 100 points worth of Incarnate-level Talons of Vengeance


Just run the Dark Astoria arcs and you should get it – Sister Solaris is probably the best overall. Hunting in Dark Astoria is fine if you need a couple.


Centurion – Defeat 100 Cimeroran Traitors


Just run an Imperious Task Force. You will get this badge.


Chipped Talon – Defeat 100 points of Talons of Vengeance


Running arcs in the Night Ward is a good method, but hunting them there is quick as well. Note that the Talons of Vengeance fought as part of the Dark Astoria arc, or those found in that zone do NOT count towards this badge.


Coldblooded / Coldhearted – Defeat 100 Circle of Thorns cold demons, including Hordelings, Hellfrosts, and Blade Princes


This is technically a badge for the Valentine’s event, but since these enemies appear year round in some places, it’s doable at anytime. That being said, as both Hordelings and Hellfrosts have their own specific badges, so you are safe to completely ignore this badge as you will get it with either of those two other badges.


Coralax Blue Hybrid – Defeat 100 Coralax


SFO Renault Strike Force is a very clean option to get this badge as the last mission is stocked with them, but if your team stealths it, you may not get it. Other than that, you can hunt them in many different zones. Oil Spill in Port Oakes and Red River in the Hollows are good if you want this one in particular, but I’d actually recommend Potter’s Field in Sharkhead, as you can work on this at the same time as a number of other defeat badges. They aren’t as common there as in the Hollows or Port Oakes, but it’s more efficient overall.


Crey Power Tank – Defeat 100 Crey Tanks


Crey Tanks are pretty common if you are running content involving Crey, most notably the Manticore Task Force. If you just need a few and have already run Manticore, I’d head to Crey’s Folly to hunt, but overall, this badge is fairly easy to get through casual play.


Disappearing Act – Defeat 100 points of Appartitions


These guys can be a bit confusing. After you defeat a ‘The Possessed’ enemy, an Apparition will emerge. If that’s confusing to you, just run Noble Savage’s arc and you’ll figure it out. This is one case of a Praetorian enemy where it might be better to just run the associated arcs – Noble Savage and Katie Douglass specifically. If you need a couple more after that, hunting is best in the Night Ward.


D.U.S.T. In the Wind – Defeat 100 points of D.U.S.T.


Hunting in the north part of the First Ward is great. They also appear in First Ward arcs, as well as some of the Neutropolis Resistance arcs, but I’d stick to hunting in the streets and get it done quickly.


Ember Legacy of Flame – Defeat 100 Legacy Chain minions


There are a few options for the avid badger. The SFO Renault Strike Force has a mission with many of these, as do a couple of badge arcs/missions – Retrieve the Loa Bone from Mr. Bocor and the Carpe Diem arc from Lorenz Ansaldo both are quality options, as both provide badges of their own. If that doesn’t appeal to you, there’s is a beach on the Northeast shore of Mercy Island that has dozens of them in close proximity.


Electrician – Defeat 100 Cap au Diable Gremlins


Find the pipeline that goes around the backwards ‘C’ in Cap au Diable and follow it. Along it there are electrical stations which have typically have 2-6 gremlins, generally 4 on the ground and two in the rafters. You can get this in about three sweeps of the zone once you figure it out. You can also get some towards the end of Brother Hammond’s arc, but typically not a whole lot – you’d have to run it multiple times to get enough more than likely, so I prefer the street sweeping.


Erasure – Defeat 100 points of Incarnate-level Tsoo


They tend to pop up mostly in Heather Townshend and Mu’Vorkian’s arcs – if you finish those off without the badge, Barca Plaza in Dark Astoria is where they are most abundant.


Escapee – Defeat 100 points of Failed Experiments


Failed Experiments are best gotten through IVy’s arc, or at least farming the first mission of it, but appear in a number of Neutropolis story arcs. If you follow my recommendation in the Praetorian Enemy Addendum, you shouldn’t have difficulty getting this badge. If you don’t want to do missions, the only place these enemies exist elsewhere is in the Great Escape zone event in Neutropolis.


Exorcist – Defeat 100 points of Incarnate-level Circle of Thorns


Unlike the other enemy groups in Dark Astoria, these guys do not feature in any of the arcs – there may be a couple incidentally, but typically, you’ll have to hunt. Romero Heights in Dark Astoria is the best option. It shouldn’t take too long to get enough since you get the bonus points for lieutenants and bosses.


Finder – Defeat 100 Lost bosses


You have a number of quality options. The best arcs are Penelope Yin’s arc in Faultline (not the task force in Independence Port) and the Silver Mantis Strike Force, but if neither is up your alley, the best hunting ground is the Sewer Network. The Gordon Trench in Terra Volta is an option, but I’ve often found this area to be lackluster – it’s rather small, and doesn’t typically have much more than twenty at a time. The Sewer Network has other huntable mobs, which makes it more efficient. The Southern end of Skyway is also a viable option.


Fort Knox – Defeat 200 Gold Brickers


Hunting in Cap au Diable goes fast enough, specifically Aeon City or the area to the north. If you want missions, there are some in Dr. Shelly Percey’s arc or Marshal Brass’ arc, but no devoted arcs. Note that this badge’s description says you have to defeat bosses, but any Goldbricker counts for it.


Fortunata Seer – Defeat 100 Fortunatas


Any content with Arachnos may going to have a few of these. The best hunting ground is probably St. Martial, but frankly, I wouldn’t spend much effort on this badge and just let it come naturally – there are other, more difficult Arachnos hunting badges to worry about.


Gangbuster – Defeat 200 Family minions or lieutenants


Some sources from Live will tell you you need to kill Marcone bosses, but it has been changed to Family minions and lieutenants. Not a whole lot of story arcs deal with Family, but you can spawn large numbers in some safeguard missions (Steel Canyon and Independence Port). Street sweeping is a quality option here. I like the strip of land between the two train stations in Independence Port as a hunting ground. The area closest to the Smuggler’s Ship in Striga Isle is also decent and contains Warrior bosses as well, making it an efficient choice. Port Oakes is also a solid option, particularly for lower level characters.


Gearsmasher – Defeat 100 Clockwork gears (spawn after defeat of Clockwork Prince bosses)


Synapse Task Force is by far the best way to get this badge – if you have a full team, you should get it in one run with all the Kill Alls. If you need just need a couple, Perez Park and Echo: Faultine are the best choices.


Goon Squad – Defeat 333 Cage Consortium Guards


Hunting in Sharkhead Isle, specifically the rafters. These guys will literally just line up for you to kill them. Annoyingly, they are pretty well separated from each other, so you’ll be unable to rely on AoE to kill large groups at a time, but you should never be unable to find these.


Gravedigger – Defeat 100 embalmed Vahzilok


Generally, if you do both Positron Task Forces, you should have some decent progress, but you probably won’t get all the way there. I’d augment that with the Sewer Network, where you can also work on Lost and Hellion bosses, or failing that, Perez Park or (ugh) Echo: Faultline.


Haunted – Defeat 333 Croatoa Ghosts


The most efficient way to do this is to run the one mission from Gordon Bower’s arc that has these at -1/x8 a few times until you get it. Barring that, it’s not too hard to get it over the course of a couple of night cycles in Croatoa – if you’ve outleveled Gordon Bower, this method is not substantially worse. The best hunting ground is the Graveyard in Salamanca, but the rest of Salamanca, or the non-wooded part of New Connaught work, as long as its night. These enemies do not appear when it’s day in game.


Hellspawned – Defeat 50 Hellions Bosses


If you specifically want just this badge, Hell’s Highway in Perez Park is the way to go. But you can easily grab this one along with the Lost Bosses and Embalmed Vahzilok in the Sewer Network, which is what I’d recommend you do first, at least until you have the other two badges.


Bloody Hands / Hero Slayer – Defeat 25 signature Heroes


There are plenty of options that can give you progress on other badges. Capturing pillboxes in Recluse’s Victory as a redside character, Mayhem Missions, Villain Tip Missions, and the Lord Recluse Strike Force are all quality options. Dakota Berg’s arc as part of the Who Will Die Signature Story Arc is an option because Malaise and his summons count as Heroes, so if you are committed to blueside, that is your best option.


Hordelings – Defeat 100 Hordelings of the Circle of Thorns


Depending on how many Circle of Thorns missions you run, you might not need to bother with these guys. If you do have to hunt them, the northern parts of Cap au Diable and the southern parts of The Hollows are my favorite spots. And while spawns are relatively rare there, the center part of the Tunnels of the Trolls has spawns with 5-6 of these guys, which can make it efficient. But mid-level Circle content such as the Position Task Forces should provide you plenty.


Illusionist – Defeat 100 pets (Illusionist, Phantasms, and Dark Servants) summoned by Carnival of Shadows Master Illusionists


First, about the pets – generally the boss will summon all of them: one Phantasm, one Dark Servant, and one to three Illusionists. The illusionist pets can despawn, even while the Master Illusionist is still alive, so if you have the DPS, focus on them. Also note that the Decoy Phantasms are unkillable, and will not count towards this badge even if you do find a way to kill them.


I’d start with Harvey Maylor’s arc on a difficulty that is high enough to spawn Bosses. But even that probably won’t be enough unless you run it on a very high difficulty and get a bit lucky. After that, running Radio/Safeguard Missions in Peregrine Island, again with a high enough difficulty. Street Sweeping for this badge isn’t a great option. Master Illusionists do spawn in Peregrine Island – Bayside Docks on the boats is the best – but they are quite rare. It’s a shame – this badge would be much easier if you could be 10 levels higher than your foes.


Infiltrator – Defeat 200 Crey Paragon Protectors


Gordon Stacy has a mission in his arc that is just crawling with these guys, and uniquely as minions and lieutenants, which makes it by far the best choice if you run it with large team sizes. If that doesn’t quite push you over the edge, Manticore should finish the job. I wouldn’t bother with street hunting these unless you need 20 or fewer to get the badge. In that case, I’d hit up Eden – I’ve found these are more common there than in Crey’s Folly.


Ink Man – Defeat 125 Tsoo Blue Ink Men


St. Martial is the best zone, but Siren’s Call isn’t too bad if you want to stay as a hero and don’t mind hanging out in PvP zones. Sometimes you’ll get them in Tsoo story arcs, but typically only redside. They do not appear in any blueside zone except for Siren's Call.


Isolator – Defeat 100 Contaminated from the Outbreak Tutorial


Run The Pilgrim’s arc in Ouroboros and kill them until you get the badge. I’d recommend against trying for this in the real Tutorial – since you’ll run The Pilgrim’s arc in flashback, you’ll have more attack options to make it less miserable. There is also one that spawns in the Train Station in Recluse’s Victory, but do no farm that one for this badge unless you hate yourself and/or Ouroboros.


Keeper of Beasts – Defeat 100 points of Spirit Stalkers


Either hunting or story arcs in the Night Ward. Both work fine. If you hunt, head for the southern part of the zone.


Kill Skuls – Defeat 500 Skulls.


Perez Park is best. The groups often have 10-12 Skulls in them as opposed to the smaller groups in King’s Row. Bosses are also more abundant so you can work on Bonecrusher simultaneously.


Lawbreaker – Defeat 100 points of Drudges


However you decide to do the Night Ward hunting badges is fine for these guys. For street sweeping, they are in the north half of the zone.


Legionnaire – Defeat 100 Warrior’s Bosses


None of the options are great. Mercedes Sheldon’s arc is solid, even at lower difficulties as the final mission will spawn a number of bosses even at +0/x1, but its brief, and you would have to run it multiple times for all 100. Siren’s Call has them in large numbers, but, as it is a PVP zone, you will be scaled, so you have to do some work in combat. That being said, it also has a number of other huntable enemies, plus a badge for spending an hour there, so for the avid badge hunter, it’s not that bad. Striga Isle is okay… you can hunt Family bosses at the same time there, but in general I've prefered the more abundant spawns in Siren's Call.


Lucent Legacy of Light – Defeat 200 Legacy Chain Lieutenants


See the Ember Legacy of Flame entry for where to find Legacy Chain. 200 lieutenants is a large amount, so you will likely have to hunt in Mercy Island to finish this off if you don’t want to repeatedly farm the same content.


Man in Black / Woman in Black – Defeat 200 Shivans


Bloody Bay has them in large numbers, but as a PVP zone, you are scaled to their level. Not great, but workable. You can also work on Banished Pantheon Spirit Masks there, but they aren’t super abundant. The Pilgrim has a mission with some, but likely not enough even at max difficulty.


Marked for Death – Defeat 100 points of Syndicate members


See Praetorian Enemy Addendum


Mob Specialist – Defeat 200 Prisoner Bosses and Lieutenants


The badge itself says you have to kill bosses, but Lieutenants count as well. You will probably get this about the same time you get the Warden badge – lieutenants are pretty common in the best Prioner hunting grounds. It’s also notworthy that lieutenants and bosses are guaranteed as part of the prison break zone event, so if you are in a hurry for some reason, that may be a good option.


Monkeywrencher – Defeat 50 Malta Zeus Class Titans


Crimson’s arc is the way to go, as it also can get you the Kronos Class Titan badge at the end if you’d rather not fight the GM (or in the middle if you do want to fight it). If you run it at a decently high difficult (+1/x3 or so) you should be close if not have it by the end of the arc. If you aren’t quite there, I would run random missions from Crimson at the same difficulty or just start his arc over in Ouroboros. I have occasionally had luck finding them in Rikti War Zone in decent numbers, but not consistent or widespread enough to make it a good option. Don’t even bother looking for them in Warburg or Peregrine Island – you will never find them.


Mu Guardian – Defeat 100 Mu Guardian bosses


This is probably the worst of the Arachnos badges and one of the worst badges overall. Mu Guardians seem to be the rarest spawning Arachnos bosses in missions and there isn’t a great zone to hunt them in. You can get a couple in Grandville and Cap au Diable, and Recluse’s Victory isn’t a bad option either for Heroes and Vigilantes, but the best choice is Scirocco’s second arc. The last two missions of that arc are guaranteed Mu spawns, so with large enough team sizes you can actually kill these guys in real numbers. If you want to reset a mission, I would do the second to last mission, as the last one has enemies that can aggro from across the map.


No Authority – Defeat 100 points of the Praetorian Police


See Praetorian Enemy Addendum


Pirate – Defeat 100 Spectral Pirates


Some other sources will tell you that you need to trap the Spectral Pirates for this badge, but it had been change to only require defeats, although trapping is still required for the Spectral badge. Either way, Spectral Pirates are most abundant in Fort Hades in Port Oakes.


Privateer – Defeat 100 Sky Skiffs


Terra Volta is the way to go. They spawn all over the zone, generally in groups of three. A high level hero should have no difficulty grabbing this one pretty quickly, unless you are melee only and can’t fly, in which case this badge will never not be terrible. Other then that, the Silver Mantis Strike Zone or Market Crash Task Force a good amount as well some as well.


Protectorate / Devourer of Earth – Defeat 100 Devouring Earth emanators summoned by lieutenants


It’s not hard to find Devouring Earth lieutenants – basically any zone past level 25 will have them in the more natural areas. Just remember that you don’t want to one shot them or mez them before they can summon the emanator - if you are too high a level to aggro them just by standing next to them, you'll have to kill a nearby ally or use Brawl or something to piss them off before they will summon your prey. For story arcs, either Ginger Yates or Numina Task Force.


Pumpkin Master – Defeat 333 Fir Bolg


As with all the Croatoan defeat badges, I’d recommend running through all the story arcs first. Fir Bolg are mostly fought in Gordon Bower’s and Skipper LeGrange’s arcs, so if you aren’t quite there after completing those two, hunt the rest in New Connaught – it shouldn’t take long.


Raider Engineer – Defeat 100 Sky Raider Force Field Generators summoned by Raider Engineers


Running the Sky Raider Secret arc in Ouroboros would be my preference, but the first Terra Volta respec trial and Roy Cooling’s arc are good as well. Make sure that when you initiate a fight with a group, do not attack the Engineers until they summon the Force Field Generator – if they get hit or interrupted, they won’t summon it.


Redundant – Defeat 100 points worth of Destroyers


See Praetorian Enemy Addendum


Reformed / Villian – Defeat 1000 Longbow


Assuming you have any interest in playing redside, this badge is rather easy. Most arcs and task forces redside will have at least one mission with Longbow. If you’re patient this badge should come naturally. If you want to get this badge ASAP, I’d suggest hunting in the Agincourt neighborhood in Nerva Archipelago. Blueside, Gaussian’s arc has some, as do some tip missions. You can also fight them in some arcs in Neutropolis. You do have to be redside for this badge to ping – you can get credit as a hero, but you won’t get it until you flip red, even if you’ve defeated 1000 blueside.


Regenerator – Defeat 100 Troll Bosses


Talshak the Mystic’s arc is the best one, with the Atta mission being rather effective. That being said, street sweeping is a pretty good option in this case – the Hollows is fine, but the Tunnels of the Trolls is better. I also have had some luck on the east side of Skyway near the Talos Island gate.


Resistance is Futile – Defeat 100 points of Resistance


See Praetorian Enemy Addendum


Silencer – Defeat 100 points worth of Knives of Vengeance


The best of the Dark Astoria arcs for these is Max’s, which should get you there with a high enough difficulty. If you get through that arc without earning this badge, I’d just hunt the rest in Dark Astoria.


Show’s Over – Defeat 100 points worth of Carnival of Light/Vengeance/War


The quickest way is to hunt in First Ward, where all three groups appear with some regularity.


Snooze Button – Defeat 100 points of The Awakened


Hunting in First Ward is pretty straightforward and quick, particularly around the Mother of Mercy Hospital.


Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Defeat 100 points of Animus Arcana


The northern half of the Night Ward is the best place to hunt for these guys, but running through the Night Ward story arc should get you there as well.


Soul Binder – Defeat 200 Circle of Thorns mages


There is an unbelievable amount Circle of Thorns content in this game. Mages are easiest to find in pre-30 content, of which I’d recommend running the Positron Task Forces. If you don’t want to spend too much time in Oranbega (understandable) then you can hunt these most easily in Perez Park, which isn't exactly a preferable situation to Oranbega, but it's there. If we just want to finish off the trifecta of travel nightmares, these guys are pretty abundant in Echo: Faultline.


Spellbinding – Defeat 333 Cabal


This is probably the easiest of the Croatoa badges to get by just playing through the arcs and the Katie Hannon Task Force. If you do need more, there are pretty readily available in Salamanca or the northern parts of Croatoa.


Spider Smasher – Defeat 200 Arachnos Wold Spiders


Any Arachnos related content that’s level 25 or lower works great. Any higher than that, you tend to get other, stronger types of Arachnos mobs. Most of that is going to be redside, but the Faultline arcs and Aaron Thiery’s arc are quality blueside choices. If you are hunting them outside of missions, Faultline or Cap au Diable are the best choices.


Strike Buster – Defeat 200 Scrapyarders


These guys are abundant all over Sharkhead Isle, but I would focus on the Hammerhead badge since this badge overlaps completely with that one.


Swift Steel – Defeat 300 Tsoo Ancestor Spirits


Tsoo arcs will have some, but not in large numbers at anything but the largest team sizes, which is annoying, to say the least. You will likely need some sort of augmentation with street sweeping – Helen Point in Talos Island is by far the best choice. I wouldn’t do it in one sitting, but its not too hard to do this just by hunting there - you need a lot, but you shouldnt spend too much time just looking for them.


Tank Buster – Defeat 100 Freakshow Tanks


You have many options – the Penelope Yin Task Force, Sister Psyche Flashback Task Force, Market Crash Task Force or the second Terra Volta respec trial all provide these in large numbers, as do a litany of story arcs. If you do want to hunt, the west end of Crey’s Folly is probably the best option, but Freakshow are rather common across all zones.


Technophobe – Defeat 100 points of Praetorian Clockwork


See Praetorian Enemy Addendum


Terminator – Defeat 1000 citizens in mayhem missions


There are a number of other badges in mayhem missions. If you kill as many citizens as possible while working on those badges, you should be at least close to this badge. If you need a little additional push, I’ve found a quick AoE attack upon entering the Bank itself in a mayhem mission is probably the best way to get a lot of citizens quickly.


The Mongoose – Defeat 50 Snakes


Snakes mainly appear in Mercy Island. They aren’t too hard to find at night, but during the day things can be a little rough. For story arcs, Matthew Burke and Mongoose both are good options.


The Silver Bullet – Defeat 200 Council or 5th Column Werewolves


Moonfire Task Force is the most efficient way. There are plenty of these guys in most Council related content, but a single Moonfire Task Force should get you most of the way there. If you just need a few, hunting in Striga Isle is the place to go.


The Slayer – Defeat 200 Council or 5th Column Vampires


The first mission of the Moonfire Task Force will likely get you this badge with a full team. If you don't want to do that for some reason, they are common in the central part of Striga Isle at night and can appear in all kinds of Council content, which is not lacking in this game.


Thin Line / Outlaw – Defeat 1000 Paragon Police


Typically the best way to fight these is during Mayhem missions. They do appear in some high end redside missions, but I prefer doing mid level mayhem missions (Brickstown/IP/Talos) for Paragon Police as they are a rather difficult enemy group at higher levels. But in general, just work on this while working on Mayhem mission badges.


Tracer – Defeat 200 Tsoo Sorcerers


Hunting in Talos Island, particularly Helen Point, is the way to go, but these guys will show up in basically any Tsoo content. Can be kind of a pain, but you’ll probably get this before the Ancestor Spirits.


Untouchable – Defeat 100 Family Bosses


I like the Safeguard mission option as both Steel Canyon and Independence Port offer them. Other than that, a run between the train stations in Independence Port can yield up to 10-15 of these guys, but you can sometimes get shut out as well. Striga Isle is an option, and you can hunt Warrior Bosses there as well.


Unveiler – Defeat 100 Fake Nemesis


Heldenjaeger's arc (Steel Canyon) is probably the best way to farm these guys – a -1/x8 difficulty on the first mission should get you about 20 Fake Nemeses per run. Maxwell Christopher’s arc is also rather good at higher difficulties, but that has a larger time commitment and is less farmable than Heldenjaegar. If you are an avid badge seeker, the Shadow Shard Task Forces, specifically Sara Moore, provide a good amount (plus you may be able to add a couple by sneaking away during the hunts). If you’d rather street hunt, or just need a couple, I’d recommend either the docks in Peregrine Island or Firebase Zulu.


Venomous – Defeat 50 Toxic Tarantulas


If you are running level 50 Arachnos content at a level high enough to procure bosses, you’ll get some. The Miss Liberty Task Force is the best Task Force for this, but if you are doing it for speed or mastery, you likely won’t be killing a lot. Street sweeping isn’t a good option for these at all, but the best option is the rafters in Grandville, where they occasionally appear out of metal doors. Now you may think Warburg is a great option as they are fairily common there, but since those are technically not Arachnos but Rogue Arachnos instead, they don’t count towards this badge. Luckily, it’s only fifty, unlike those Mu Guardians.


Visionary – Defeat 100 Rularuu Overseer bosses


If you are an avid badge hunter, the Shadow Shard Task Forces are best if you run them with a max team. If you plan to run all four of the Shard TFs, you'll get there for sure. I would not bother with street sweeping for these, as even in the Shadow Shard, these are fairly uncommon.


Villain Disruptor – Defeat 25 signature villains


Ms. Liberty Task Force has the most in any one spot, but you can also get these through Tip Missions or Safeguard Missions. You can also get them through Recluse’s Victory as well. Aside from the Tip Missions, all of these are quality badging options.


Volcanic – Defeat 100 Magmite Lords


Cavern of Transcendence is the best way – there are a lot and they even respawn. Of course, that isn’t the easiest thing to solo if you’re actually fighting large groups of Minions of Igneous. Furthermore, it’s not always easy to get a full team, and many players will want to stealth it to some degree. More than likely, you will have to do it more than once too. A very badge savvy player can farm this and the Partner badge at the same time when CoT is the Weekly Strike Target. Since one stealthy player can easily solo the objectives in five minutes, the rest of the team can focus on safely destroying a few of these guys.


Another option is Theodan’s arc in the Who Will Die signature story arc, which has one mission where you can get them, and that may be a bit more doable for a solo player as it can be run at a higher level. They can also appear on higher difficulties during Talshak the Mystic’s story arc. Hunting is out of the question – you may find a couple in Grendel’s Gulch in the Hollows, but that method would take much to long to be plausible.


Warden / Cruel Warden – Defeat 500 Prisoners


If you can get a team of eight to just troll through the Ziggurat neighborhood of Brickstown for twenty minutes, it’s not too bad. Soloing it takes some time, but the groups are large and abundant.


War Torn – Defeat 100 Council War Walkers in Boomtown


These are found in the Council Base in the southwestern corner of Boomtown. If you kill 20, it will spawn the Giant Monster, which also drops a badge. This one can take a while as only about 8-12 spawn at a time. If you aren’t seeing any, leave the vicinity for a couple of minutes and they should respawn.


Watches the Watchers – Defeat 100 points of The Black Knights


Either doing the Night Ward arcs or hunting in The Howling Vale there wild is fine. These First Ward/Night Ward ones are pretty quick either way.


Weatherman / Weathergirl – Defeat 100 Outcast Bosses


I like hunting in Steel Canyon. It’s generally not to tough to run around the zone and find a dozen in a couple of minutes. Might be one you’ll want to do in more than session. For arcs, the first two Hollows arcs, Officer Wincott and Flux, work well with large team sizes. Plus you get to slide around in the Frostfire mission.


Weed Wacker – Defeat 50 Circle of Thorns bosses (specifically Succubi or Hellfrosts)


This one is a bit confusing – the in game badge tracker says you have to hunt bosses, but the mage bosses do not count for it. The only bosses that count are Succubi and Hellfrosts. Succubi can appear on higher end Circle missions at high team sizes, but the best option is Potter’s Field in Sharkhead Isle – Hellfrosts appear here semi-regularly, and there are a number of other huntable mobs to kill at the same time. The northern part of Nerva Archipelago is an option for Hellfrosts as well, but I prefer Potter’s Field.


Zookeeper – Defeat 1000 Rikti monkeys


Monkey Island in Peregrine Island is the easiest, and an eight man team can finish it off with ease. If you don’t have an eight man team who wants this badge, it’s not too bad to solo it there. You can also hunt them in Rikti War Zone while waiting for a Mothership Raid to organize.


Praetorian Enemy Addendum


For the badges related to low level Praetorian Enemies (Blindsider, Cannibal, Marked for Death, No Authority, Redundant, Resistance is Futile, and Technophobe) you have two quality options. For all except Escapee, it is very easy and quick to simply street sweep in the low level Praetorian zones. All the enemies are abundant, and you can work on all seven badges at the same time.


The other, better option is to run through the four Praetorian story lines through Ouroboros. Even if you mostly stealth, these badges are very easy to get, and you can also work on the badges for those story arcs. The only two enemies you really need to specifically target are Failed Experiments for the Escapee badge as they can’t be hunted in the overworld, and Seers, who are a bit less common than the other groups and are plausibly missable if you heavily stealth. The Clockwork, PPD, Syndicate, Destroyers, Ghouls, and Resistance should all come without any effort. If you are planning on collecting as many badges as you can, this would be my suggestion.

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An excellent guide, thanks.


One suggestion: Running through the Dark Astoria story arc this week I discovered that the masks summoned by Elders count toward Banisher. There are a lot of those in the story arcs, especially in the final mission from the Dream Doctor.

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Very nice guide!

For Gangbuster try starting the Ring of Peebles in ouro - first mish is a barge full of them. I usually run it x5 or more but should get most x3 and possibly all x4. If not there are more in one of the following missions (you wanna finish it for wedding band temp, right?). If you just want to hunt for them the Marconeville area of Port Oakes should get it in 3 or 4 minutes.


For Hordelings my favorite is the top right small neighborhood (yellow part) of king's row. The rooftops there have more than the rest of the zone and there's also an area on the ground with lots. Perez and the area of steel just north of the Perez entrance get honorable mention. All three are better than the traditional Cap run from the pre-going Rogue Demonic accolade days.


For Spidersmasher if you don't mind being red aligned for a bit the Midas touched arc in the 10-14 range has tons. First two mishes are almost all wolf spiders with the second mish being a huge kill all map. I usually run it x4 for those mishes then ghost the last for my merit icing. If you just want to hunt the area around the sparky badge is chock full.

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I'm sure people will add some alternate ideas that may well be an improvement.  But I must say, this is an very impressive list.  It takes a long time to put something like this together.  Well done.

Active on Excelsior:

Hyperdrive Monkey - Beam Rifle / Devices Blaster, Lode Monkey - Fire Blast / Energy Manipulation Blaster (Blapper), Supernova Monkey - Electric / Dual Blades Tank, Tiger Dragon Monkey - Street Justice / Super Reflexes Stalker


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Posted (edited)

Mongoose : on the west coast of Mercy Island, there is a building with a chimney, on its hot roof, at least during day, snakes sleep in packs of three, just waiting for you to prepare snake sashimi. One or two cleanings of the roof should net you the badge. (Location : 171, 129, -1710.)

Edited by Jactari

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Posted (edited)

What's a good way to farm vault doors?


Edit: I like the Independence Port Safeguard Mission set to -1/x8 (be sure to turn ON "Solo Bosses" if you're solo!)  You get from 1-2 Family bosses per "regular" group.

Edited by Display Name

@Super Whatsit

Superbase passcode (Excelsior) is "passcode-6475"


It's all a Nemesis plot.  But not everything is a Nemesis plot!

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Posted (edited)

Here are some notes on Illusionist – Defeat 100 pets (Illusionist, Phantasms, and Dark Servants) summoned by Carnival of Shadows Master Illusionists:


As noted above the Master Illusionist summons three Illusionists, one Dark Servant, and one Phantasm (which itself then summons a Decoy Phantasm). To get credit for the badge, it is only necessary to damage each one before it despawns. It is not necessary to defeat them. Prioritize the Illusionists, as they seem to despawn the fastest, and once you have damaged each of the Illusionists, focus on the Phantasm and Dark Servant.


The trick to farming these is to leave the Master Illusionist alive. Once you have damaged (or killed if you want) the summoned pets, flee to break aggro and let the Master Illusionist reset. After a 4-5 minute cooldown the Master Illusionist will be able to summon another set of pets. This way, each round with the Master Illusionist will yield 5 ticks toward badge completion.


There are two sets of missions, both hero-side, that I found ideal for farming this badge, but there may well be others. The two I found, in order of efficiency, are:


Madeleine Casey - level 44 (ish) - 'Check out the Carnival of Shadows' - this 2-mission arc, when set at -1x2, should spawn 5-6 Master Illusionists per mission map. That should easily allow you to bounce among the Master Illusionist spawns, kill their summoned pets, and move to the next spawn. Note that this set of missions is NOT available through Ouroboros so if you want to farm this one, you'll need to get it as a normal contact mission directly from Madeleine Casey.


Madeleine Casey - level 45 - 'To Save a Soul' story arc - The second mission of this (somewhat lengthy) story arc will spawn 3 Master Illusionists when set at -1x2. High damage output characters might end up waiting a bit for the cooldown between Master Illusionists, but its certainly possible to farm this one as well. Note that one of the Master Illusionists is named 'The Soothsayer' and also that this arc is available via Ouroboros (level 45 range, mission number 1.01).


I tried farming these on difficulty settings greater than -1x2 but higher team size settings didn't seem to yield more Master Illusionists per map. Again, there may well be other missions that yield a farmable number of Master Illusionists per map. I did not check any villain-side contacts so I don't know the best route for a villain other than swapping alignments.


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Hi, aw no sign of our favourite Nessie, bestest hunt in the game 😀😜👍

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Lucent Legacy of Light – Defeat 200 Legacy Chain Lieutenants

Ember Legacy of Flame – Defeat 100 Legacy Chain minions


There's an area in NE Mercy with glowing runes on the floor, which is a location for Lt Harris's arc and is full of Legacy Chain, including Lieutenants.  It's one of the later open world missions and constantly spawns new mobs, so it's a super quick way to get both the Legacy Chain badges.

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Reunion player, ex-Defiant.

AE SFMA: Zombie Ninja Pirates! (#18051)

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If running solo on hunting down the Rikti Monkeys, may I suggest Crey's Folly.

It takes a bit of work but nowhere will you quite find the abundance of those that do spawn and with AoE, it is also quite relaxing. 🙂


I just hope eventually that the Paladin Event gets a permanent fix.  Still if one wants to get the Paladin Event with his Conduits, one must request it from a GM.

The GM will then redraw a second map of KR to produce the Paladin.

As far as the option goes to save Twinshot and that bunch, that has not ever been fixed.

Most people only care anyway about the Paladin and his Conduits as the Knight Errant you receive I have found to be the strongest partner when soloing against bosses.

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On 1/26/2020 at 12:14 PM, Ulysses Dare said:

An excellent guide, thanks.


One suggestion: Running through the Dark Astoria story arc this week I discovered that the masks summoned by Elders count toward Banisher. There are a lot of those in the story arcs, especially in the final mission from the Dream Doctor.

I want to second the DA Elder (Lieutenants). They are also on the streets in abundance. The trick is you have to aggro the Elders and then damage the masks simultaneously/before you defeat the Elders. It is much faster (for lvl 50+) to get 100 this way than any other method I have found.


While you are in Dark Astoria, the third mission from Heather Townshend is a warehouse that will be overflowing with Tsoo, including Sorcerers and Ancestor Spirits. If you run this arc for Incarnate drops, turn up this mission to x8 and clear the entire map.


To farm Vault Doors, I recommend (Heroes) farm Aaron Thiery's arc. It is low level, but the only door mission has an Arachnos prison. The map is small and it is the same every time.

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7 hours ago, Elemento said:

If running solo on hunting down the Rikti Monkeys, may I suggest Crey's Folly.

The best place I've found to hunt for monkeys is on the islands north of Peregrine Island. There's an abandoned lab complex that's overrun by them.

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9 hours ago, Ulysses Dare said:

The best place I've found to hunt for monkeys is on the islands north of Peregrine Island. There's an abandoned lab complex that's overrun by them.

I was speaking for those that are not quite there at those levels in PI.

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Posted (edited)

Blue Ink Men


Originally they appeared in Talos Island Safeguard and Siren's Call.  Now, they also appear in Dark Astoria, which makes getting this badge a breeze.  By the time you finish the DA arc, you should -easily- have this badge.





Another super easy one.  Unai's first mission is usually Close the Dimensional Portals.  Its a BP map based on DA's graveyard.  Have a tank/brute friend aggro 10 elders.  Then sit back and pick off the masks that spawn.  No need to kill the elders or reset the map.  The elders will summon a mask every 60 - 90 seconds.  Just wait and pick them off as they are summoned.

Edited by Lorraine of Pinnacle
Added 'Originally' to first sentence, making it clearer.

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For Reformed/Villain, the best place I found is Fort Darwin provided you have not completed Lt. Harris' arc. Longbow spawn in packs of 10, like the Arachnos near the Mercy Island hospital, and there are 6+ of them in a relatively small area.

Where are we going, and why am I in this hand basket?

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On 1/25/2020 at 8:02 PM, Jaack said:

Finder – Defeat 100 Lost bosses

The Lost Cure temp power from the Montague Castanella arc 'Lost And Found' counts towards this if you use it only against bosses, but each "cure" won't apply to the total until the 'citizen' runs in or out of a door (leaves the area).

The temp power comes loaded with 50 uses, so run the arc a second time through flashback and you'll get the badge basically 'one-shotting' Lost bosses.

On 1/25/2020 at 8:02 PM, Jaack said:

Gearsmasher – Defeat 100 Clockwork gears

The level 15-19 common mission Get a sample of the Clockwork pistons offered by multiple Skyway contacts has a 'Box of Parts' object which provides a literal endless spawn of gears. Simply avoid damaging the Box of Parts (which is actually not a box, but a pile of brass rubble) and, at X/1 difficulty they will spawn 3 at a time every 10 or so seconds as long as you are near it. Be careful of AoEs damaging the rubble.

On 1/25/2020 at 8:02 PM, Jaack said:

Infiltrator – Defeat 200 Crey Paragon Protectors

The level 35-39 mission Find Paragon Protectors evidence from the Gordon Stacy arc 'Revenant Hero Project' spawns ONLY Paragon Protectors, even at X/8 difficulty. Huge mobs of only PP's.

On 1/25/2020 at 8:02 PM, Jaack said:

Man in Black / Woman in Black – Defeat 200 Shivans

The mission Defeat source of Shivan attacks from Pilgrim in Ouroboros is ONLY Shivans (and an annoying Meteor), and if you rescue Mender Lazarus right away he will even tank them for you.

On 1/25/2020 at 8:02 PM, Jaack said:

Zookeeper – Defeat 1000 Rikti monkeys

The mission Defend the Base! from Levantera at X/8 difficulty spawns hundreds of them. I only need to reset the mission twice to get the badge.


and one correction:

On 1/25/2020 at 8:02 PM, Jaack said:

The Silver Bullet – Defeat 200 Council or 5th Column Werewolves

They are Warwolves, not Werewolves. Werewolves exist in at least one Unai Kemen mission but do not count towards this badge because they are neither Council nor 5th Column aligned.

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On 1/25/2020 at 6:02 PM, Jaack said:

Gearsmasher – Defeat 100 Clockwork gears (spawn after defeat of Clockwork Prince bosses)


Synapse Task Force is by far the best way to get this badge – if you have a full team, you should get it in one run with all the Kill Alls. If you need just need a couple, Perez Park and Echo: Faultine are the best choices.

Posi 1 & 2 will also net you a nice bag of Gears.   I finished mine trolling along the upper highway that runs N/S through Skyway between the tram stations.

Unofficial Homecoming Wiki - Paragon Wiki updated for Homecoming!  Your contributions are welcome!
(Not the owner/operator - just a fan who wants to spread the word.)

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