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What else are you playing right now?

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I've been revisiting my youth, playing some Infocom interactive fiction games.

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I bounce back and forth between CoH, Grim Dawn, and Banished; depending on what genre I feel like at the time.

Yes, they're all older but so am I and I don't really feel like trying to keep up with the youngins playing the new stuff. :classic_tongue:


@Incense and Iron 

SG's -  Excelsior:  Primo Victoria /  Torchbearer: Aeternum

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I reinstalled Quake, but the poor old program just doesn't want to play nice with modern graphics rendering and audio systems.  I can get the music to play if I run it through DosBOX, but then I lose out on many of the advantages which the various Windows-ports have.  Even then, -every- version I've tried to run resets my resolution when the game boots up, and throws my other windows in to complete disarray.  Having to reset all of my window placements each time I run the game puts a serious hamper on my enjoyment of it, so I've pretty much already shelved it again.

Unless anyone has any troubleshooting suggestions on how to overcome these issues?

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I want to take a walk down memory lane today.





Although it's not exactly like I used to play back then, it's good enough. 



Stuck and gave up at level 19

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turns out I'm not as smart as my younger self
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No Man's Sky - this was my main game before I discovered Homecoming.

Secret World Legends - I already owned and played The Secret World, so giving this a try again.

Saints Row 4 - Cyberpunk 2077 is a very pretty game, and apparently also pretty bad. I reinstalled this recently so I can have cars and The Matrix, and Steam still had my save from 2014.

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