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Please help me remember this mission...

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There's a mission I vaguely remember that I would play on occasion back on live, but I cannot recall who the contact was or the arc.


It was a red side mission. It was set on one of the Skyway overpasses. You fought Longbow (it may have been Wyvern... or even both). There were a couple PPD SWAT vans and the mission objective was to defeat a couple guys who were chatting near them. Once you do that, the hero chick Ranger would show up as an ambush.


Ring any bells for anyone?

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12 minutes ago, TraumaTrain said:

I have another one I'm trying to pin down.


I remember on live there was a mission or two full of Shivans. Was that in Bloody Bay? 


The Ouroboros Initiation.  Fifth mission.


Pandora's Box, Episode 2.  First mission.

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yeah, thats "the man in black" farm.  when i solo all redside it is one of the very few (only?) i take off standard +0/x1.  i set to -1/x3 or -1/x4 depending on character.  then clean the map.  way better than going to bloody bat street hunting shivans

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